Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Start of a Good Thing

I just made a big move here at blogger (as multiply is overly populated with online sellers) and my page is quite empty, actually really empty for now. Been busy with so many projects to do as graduating is coming to a close and I can't wait. At the moment, I'm just stuck up in meeting deadlines for the special classes I enrolled to. 

As my birthday is just 2 days away, it really bothers me that I haven't done anything to start my career. Actually, my predicament is that, what do I really want to do? or what is my end goal? Honestly, I'm point blank about it. But if I have to talk about or state what I want or love is that, I love to cook, I love cats and I want to be a manager, but these will not lead me anywhere or so I think. Soon, In God's time maybe he'll show me my purpose in life. But until that day, I'll just live my life to the fullest, learning new things and venturing to something close to what I love to do. As the verse says, "Give to me all your worries and worry no more." something like that. I just keep on worrying about this dilemma of mine every single day, I'll try to stop. Anyway, most of the blogs that I will be doing is reviews on food, cats, comics, and anything under the sun. 

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