Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekends are for RnR

We all love weekends, well for some maybe because we get to spend a day off from our busy schedule and, making something for the family which is dessert. <3 I’m always looking for ways to improve in an old favorite recipe to make it more interesting, like sandwiches and good ol’ lutong bahay. But for today, actually yesterday, I re-invented the graham cake, unlike the usual graham crackers, I used Tiger crackers (white), inexpensive but good. Here’s a breakdown of how much I spent, good for 6 people.

Nestle’ cream                  P38.75 x 2 = P77.25
Carnation condensed       P38.75
Tiger crackers                 P9.50 x 3 =   P28.50
Below are pictures (sucks that I don’t have the digi cam yet :( )


Fairly cheap and good. Besides enjoying this treat, I also can’t wait to spend time with my BF tomorrow. Some quality time we much need, it’s been a while since we spent time together due to our busy schedule. We’ll also be meeting up with his friends for a meeting, can’t wait for that too. How’s your weekend going?

Hope you’re all relaxed :)


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