Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A mix of weekend food review - Italianni's, Maru Maru and Go Greek


 Last Sunday was able to spend time with my BF and his friends, we may have not spent quality time as much but I enjoyed as well sharing and hearing stories and future plans with his group. Hopefully, when we all have saved, we’ll be able to travel in Japan all together. So, here’s another food review for the week. For lunch we ate at Glorietta 4, Food choices and found a new kiosk named Maru Maru, an “authentic” Japanese kiosk as they say. Well, I don’t really know what or how real Japanese food taste like but eating at Maru Maru was just O-kay! BF and I love takoyaki’s and best so far is Kuya Chito’s takoyaki, which you can find at Robison’s Galleria, Ortigas and Megamall.  The takoyaki at Maru Maru is completely different from Kuya Chito’s, by taste and texture and filling. At Kuya Chito’s their filling is vegetables topped fish, beef or pork floss which is our favorite, but with Maru Maru, it’s a different kind and the filling is a tiny bit of slice of octopus and the texture is close to Samurai balls, which is quite mushy. Here’s how they both look, sorry details can’t be seen as much :(


                                                            Maru Maru’s Takoyaki

                                                            Kuya Chito’s Takoyaki

   Both of them really has a big difference to their taste and for comparison sake, I would always go back to Kuya Chito’s. For Maru Maru, I’d give them 2/5 spoons and for Kuya Chito 4/5 spoons. I have yet to taste Little Tokyo’s Takoyaki’s. On the other hand, we also tried their Gyoza, and it was O-kay too! it had very little filling and I’ve tasted better Gyoza’s. I’d also give it a 2/5 spoons.

Would I eat there again? Probably not, I’m not saying that their food taste bad, it’s worth a try but it’s nothing to rant or rave about.

Other pictures for Maru Maru



                             This was actually the appetizer, for lunch we ate at Go Greek, and I must say that I am very much disappointed with their kebabs, I ordered the Beef kebab and it the meat was so tough to chew on, the flavor was bland same with the chicken, but the salad was pretty good as well as the pita and the hummus, our favorite. The hummus with pita bread costs P65 only with 8 slices of hot pita. I would definitely never order their kebabs and I'd give it a 1.5/5 spoons, for the hummus 3.5/spoons

The beef kebab P100+

The Chicken kebab

                                         Hummus, made of chickpeas topped with olive oil P65


After eating lunch, we went back to McCafe’ to meet up with BF’s friends, Ria, Nicoy, Kenneth and Jon, I remembered we went there around 3pm and left past 7pm, talking, laughing, sipping coffee (I had the Latte’ frap). I was cutting prototype cards for TC, while listening to some of their conversations. The place is cozy and just right for meetings and getting together with friends.
Image0599                                                                The BF and Ria

                                                         Nicoy, Kenneth and Jon

BF and Me, my eyes looked tired and got red at the end of the day, probably I was just too tired and sleepy already.

Evening approached and all our tummies were grumbling with starvation, it’s time for dinner. Nicoy suggested to eat at Italianni’s and so did we. We opted to stay at Greenbelt1 as the ambiance there was much more cozy than the one in Glorietta. We ordered the Spaghetti Meatball abbadonnanza P650 and the pizza abbadonnanza P750 which are all good for sharing. It’s good that their foccaccia bread is free and you can ask for more if you want to, served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. When food came, we were all in awe at how big their servings were and it was definitely sulit! that is if you are a group.

Image0608                                                         The spaghetti with meatballs


THE pizza, my favorite was with the 3 or 4 cheese toppings, it tasted like it had blue cheese, my fave! yum. And washed it all down with their bottomless ice tea with an orange slice.

It was my second time to eat at Italianni’s but it’s the kind of cuisine that is below in my top list (top 5), I’m a pasta girl, and who isn’t right? I’d give it 3.5/5 spoons. My favorite Italian restaurant is at Pizza Express along Tagaytay highway, they serve authentic Italian dishes, even the owner is an Italian and bakes the pizza himself. I love the pasta we ordered there, I just forgot the name. But anyways, our dinner was a delight! Servings are humongous, good thing we were in a group or we couldn’t have finished the food.

This is my food review for the Weekend, looking forward for more!



  1. Thanks for posting a review on Go Greek. I've been wanting to try their food for the longest time but every time I'm at Food Choices, I get swayed to another food joint. After your review, I guess I won't be trying their food anymore. Sayang ang pera! I mean, I splurge on food if it's worth it but if it's mediocre, no na lang.

  2. @Lady E: Well, to my taste lang it's not so good. I find it so dry, though the salad is okay and I suggest you try the hummus. Although I read in a blog somewhere she liked the kebabs. I just didn't. I agree, I mean even if it's just P150 sayang parin.


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