Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cerealicious + food review

 As a kid I grew up eating cereals for breakfast, and my favorites would be Coco Pops and Frosties. There are actually such a wide variety of cereals in the supermarket from health buffs to kids favorites like Fruit loops and Cap'n Crunch. From time to time, I still go for the kids favorites (haha), but of course being 26, I have to be more health conscious with what I'm eating (yeah right!) lol! It's good they have the granola type, and also Nestle Fitness, but for now my favorite would be Banana nut Crunch!

 It's obvious by now what my food review would be huh? Yes, it's about cereals, particularly Cerealicious. Well, I think the first time I saw this was at the Food Network somewhere in the states and I said to myself, it would be great if they also have it here in the Philippines, and so they did! But it was only a few weeks ago that I was able to try this. Being summer and scorching hot weather while at Robinson's Ermita, I was thinking of what I will be having for lunch and of course I chose Japanese, but then it was so hot and I was so exhausted from going around places (so busy for graduation and deadlines) that I passed by Cerealicious. It was perfect! cold milk, cereals my fave! yum yum. So there I was in the counter choosing from their different kinds of cereals that were named after movies. I ordered the Super K, which had Banana nut crunch, mangoes, granola and milkshake. I was actually expecting the regular milk but was surprised that they turned regular liquid milk to milkshake which blends perfectly well. I'm not really into cereals topped with chocolates or cookies, I prefer it with that kind of toppings with ice cream or yogurt. So my Super K experience at Cerealicious was sooooooooo good. Which cost me only P50 but if you want the large one it costs only P85, not that bad really. But you can make you own, although I think that would be more expensive though. They have a quaint ambiance and it has a feeling like your in a candy store. Although I wasn't able to take pictures of the place :( 

My Super K Cereal, yum! 
     (Banana nut crunch, Mangoes, granola and milkshake)
               regarding the milkshake, it's not the type of sweet milkshake, tastes like regular milk just frozen)

 Cerealicious can  be found in Robinson's Ermita in Mid town. This is also perfect for summer if you want to cool down and enjoy a cup of cereal! 

My Verdict: 4.5/5 spoons
Will definitely eat there again! yum! 
and will post more pictures of it by next week! 

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