Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Asian Bites

I just got home from Robinson’s Manila with my sister, it was our bonding moment since we rarely go out together just the two of us (besides attending mass of course), Going to the mall with very little money was a challenge for me, as I really hate going out and not having to buy anything, but what the heck! at least I know what to buy next time and had fun spending some time with my “little” sister, she ain’t little no more, but every time we’re out she feels like a kid as she says haha. We met up almost lunch time and we we’re both hungry so we decided to eat, I suggested to eat at Asian Bites at the Robinson’s Supermarket, It appears that their dishes are good. Man, I was sooooo wrong. First of all, their prices are god damn expensive and their not even a Japanese fast food restaurant like Terriyaki Boy or Tokyo Tokyo, for 1 pc. of Salmon sushi it will cost you P35. My sister and I both ordered the Crabstick omelette, sounds and looks appealing right? Sooo, dead wrong 2nd time! This cost us P89 and the omelette itself was so thin and had little shreds of kani crab. I ordered their siomai, which costs P49 for 4pcs, at least this one tasted O-kay. I find their prices so expensive, but dishes served are almost just like Okuya in Glorietta, food choices. Must be because of rent of place that’s why it’s priced exaggeratingly. Pictures below





Their beef Gyudon costs P129, but in Okuya it’s only P90 and really tastes good. Although I haven’t tried Asian Bites Gyudon bowl, but I wouldn’t attempt to.


                                 Crabstick Omelette P89

Image0754                                      Siomai 4pcs. P49



    Well, we we’re both disappointed and wished we had eaten at the place where they sell pasta in a cup, which was a bit cheaper than the one we had ordered. But at least I have tried Asian Bites.

My Verdict: 1.3/5 spoons (their customer service was okay and the place is clean)

Will I eat here again? Despite that there are other dishes offered, I would never eat here again, ever. (I sound such a meanie huh? hehe.)

Asian Bites can be found at Robinson’s Ermita, Midtown near Savory Chicken, ground floor.

                                            My sister


Have anyone tried eating other dishes here at Asian Bites? What can you say?

Till next time!


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