Saturday, March 06, 2010

GO FISH review

 It's been a real hectic week lately and another few weeks more to bear, for today, I attended my recollection at San Carlos Seminary for graduating students and I was really grateful to meet Tito Noel, his story was truly inspirational that made almost all of us cry. After the recollection, since it was near Glorietta, I decided to buy some accessories and new earrings to prepare for my graduation picture next week. I was actually so wasted that I decided not to stay any longer, even in the mall is so hot these days. I was thinking what food to bring home and I thought I'll go with Bread Talk's Hot Chick floss, while walking around the 2nd floor I was curious about this "hotdog" stand called GO FISH, so I said, what the heck! For P99 you would really think that it's expensive for a hotdog that you'd want to eat at Smokey's instead, but for the sake of trying something new I gave it a chance. GO FISH as it says: "You better believe it's healthy! Low in calories, huge in taste. 
this sandwich has an average of 40% lower calories than regular meat delis."  It has different kinds of sausages to choose from, there's the good 'ol hotdog, Frankfurt, Hungarian, German and Kielbasa. All for P99 only, and you can choose your own toppings and sauces like, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, pomodoro, garlic mayo, cheese and spicy mayo. I was thinking P99 for a hotdog? it seems expensive and I wonder what am I exactly paying for? the brand or the hotdog itself? But looking at it, I think it's priced fairly. Actually, the sandwich is quite big that I had to cut it in two and share with my yaya that time. But if you're really hungry I think you wouldn't want to share, haha. As the name says, go fish, yes, it does have a mild taste of fish and doesn't taste like the ordinary hotdog. I also like the toppings they have, my favorite was the jalapeno and onion and chili toppings.

GO FISH is located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta, near the Brownies stand

                      My Frankfurt order, next time I'll try the Kielbasa

                                These were the topping available at that time
                                l-r: round pickles, mexican sauce, chopped pickles, pomodoro, 
                               onion and chilis and jalapeno

                                I like their packaging, it's not too messy compared to Smokey's that they use plastic

                                The sauces, their place looked really clean and sanitized, major plus for me    

                        I wanted to eat this while at the taxi, but then this is how it looked like when I got home

                                    Image is really blurry, sorry for that. But it really tastes good!

 Having a GO FISH is a filling experience for me, will definitely go there and try their other stuff, my concern is that, if they would all taste the same? Hmm, we'll see about that. 

 Overall: 3.9/5 spoons

 It's been a tiring week for me, (but still Great!) the recollection somehow improved my perception in life once more. How was yours so far? Happy weekend!


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