Friday, March 26, 2010

Nephew’s 7th birthday + random babblings

It was my nephew’s 7th birthday yesterday and was so busy the whole day, going to the grocery, cooking and had my manicure-ped at the end of the day, gotta prepare for the big day and will be seeing my BF after how many weeks, missed him so much. I was supposed to have my nails done at Nail a holics in Cash Carry, Makati but too many people were there and I was in a hurry so I opted for FSalon near our place. It is cheaper and so far the in regards to my manicure-ped it was okay, my only complain there was that it was so warm inside and they decided to turn on the AC when I was almost done. Grrrr! Bad service and those girls kept on making gossip, instead of having a relaxing pampering moment, it was useless. Oh well, that’s why those Nail spas are much more better than the one in FSalon. My thursday had been busy but it was worth it, I love my nephew to bits even if he is so kulit at times. Kids say the darnest things really! So happy birthday to you Tyler! kisses.
Image0776            White Forest cake from Red Ribbon courtesy of Mom (Lola)
           Chocolate cake from Goldilock’s courtesy of Mom’s friend
When my sister got home, I was really really happy because in her hands was my most favorite body spray, Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petals. Her partner gave it to me actually as a pasalubong from her dad from the States and I was never expecting her to give me anything. But of course I loved my VS set, body spray, lotion and body wash. Thank you, thank you!

For body spray VS is one of my favorites, but for perfumes I always go for Lancome’s Miracle.

I have recently tried Garnier’s Light cream and I swear to this, however my problem is having an oily face that, I’ve recently found another line from Garnier which has a new formula that has a 6hr shine free look. I think is perfect because not only do I love the 3 other formulas which is the anti – dullness, anti-dark spots and anti- acne marks but now with a new oil trapping formula all-in-one great product! I am so loving Garnier!


Tomorrow is the BIG day, my graduation! Yippee! My weekend will sure be special. BF and I will be celebrating to a nice all you can eat Japanese food, movies and lot’s of quality time.

To all Graduating students 2010, Congratulations to us!


Till next time!


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