Sunday, March 28, 2010

Graduation day + Saisaki

YES I made it! Going up on stage and receiving that diploma really gives me the chills and I did walk up on stage all proud and wore a big smile on  my face. My mom and BF was there with me, was happy that they were both there to share my victory. Although, I really didn’t like my make-up at all, I looked old and my hair was flat, If I knew it would be like that, I should’ve done my own make up. Oh well! So, after the event BF and I celebrated, mom gave me extra graduation gift (money). It has been so long since we ate at Saisaki and BF decided to treat me out at an all you can eat Japanese smorgasbord. yuuummm!
Image0793Just finished having make up done, next time I’ll tell how I want it to look like or just do my own. :(

With classmates at PICC, March 27,2010 

Good thing BF reserved 2 seats in advanced! Thanks sweetie, we didn’t have to wait that long.
Saisaki-2                                             Our table
For graduates you get a free toy and a free drink, YEY! BF’s mom gave me a 1 thousand worth gift check as a gift, thanks Tita!
 My first plate – Maki’s, salmon, tuna tartar, tuna sashimi and kimchi
My 2nd plate, tuna sashimi, salmon, crabstick tempura, maki and fried furai, which is now my favorite.
Saisaki 7 Both our 3rd plate, mine was the Gyoza and Shrimp tempura, BF’s leftover was the Maki’s. We couldn’t finish it anymore and was at our limits already.
Saisaki 8
                                                                   BF and Me
Our 2nd experience at Saisaki was truly memorable, he did keep his promise and made my graduation celebration special. Not just by eating out but also spending quality time and make-up shopping.
What we noticed at the Japanese section was, the food really goes out fast, specially the maki’s and tempura. So choices we’re quite limited but it was okay, it tasted good and the sashimi’s tasted fresh too. Our overall total bill was P1,330, no service charge and no left over charge which was surprising, because from what we know, left over food is not allowed and if there is there will be additional charges. We just paid for our food, Saisaki P590 and Ultimate buffet P690. Not that bad really, and I’m beginning to crave for more furai and more sashimi’s haha. Well, since school is over, I’d definitely start getting in to shape, seriously. We prefer the ambiance at Glorietta over than the one in MegaMall.
My Verdict: 3.5/5 spoons
It seems there are A-LOT! of Japanese enthusiasts, they should provide more choices or maybe more man power to do the job.
Will I eat there again? Definitely! but not anytime soon, haha.

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