Tuesday, May 04, 2010

2 Surprises in one day


Work has been the same for the past week and it has been a normal thing for me, since I am in a night shift schedule I think that I am also getting used to not taking a nap in between work, specially at around 1-3am.

Anyways, I’ve been following a few well known and experienced beauty bloggers ever since I joined here at blogger 4 months ago. Before, I use to buy fashion magazines to keep up with the latest make-up trends or what ever is new in the market, and when I learned that these beauty bloggers make reviews about make-up it was bliss! So I followed those who I think I can relate to and them having beauty contests was just the cherry on top of the ice cream. I followed and joined quite a number of contests already and haven’t won, but that was okay, it’s more of crossing your fingers that you’ll hopefully win something.

projectvanity.com contest_thumb[5]



Going back to my daily life, (haha) I thought today was just an ordinary day at the office. Of course seeing BF at work is nice because I don’t get to miss him as much as I do before when I was still studying. I’m always early for work, afraid to get stuck in traffic, so when I arrived in my station, opened my PC and checked a few things online like, email, blogger, etc. And to my surprise regarding Projectvanity.com and Carefreeshopper NYX giveaway, I WON! WOOT! So that’s the first surprise for today, secondly, BF rarely gives me chocolates and when I sat in my station, he handed me a pack of Hershey’s chocolate kisses –yum. This definitely made my day, thank you to Ms. Liz (projectvanity.com) for having this great contest! and to Carefreeshopper at multiply.com, lastly to my hunnie for surprising me with chocolates.


Image0899                           Thanks sweetie, really appreciated it! <3


   As for the contest, will update you guys on the free stuff I got.


Till next time!



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