Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mestiza herbal soap

One of the seasons that I don’t like is the dry season or so called summer, I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to be under the sun and If I could avoid it I would haha. The good thing about it is that, it makes me sweat easily which means I loose some fats in my body, which is good. I’m seriously doing my best to loose the extra bulge, but that doesn’t mean I will deprive myself of eating foods that I love, but this time in moderation and less chips, lol! And so my quest for a good soap begins, one of my problems is that I hate the amoy pawis smell, It’s not like that I smell bad or something, but let’s face it, when it’s too hot there would be a scent somehow and that’s what I don’t like. I’ve encountered an article years back about MESTIZA herbal soap, written by the women of Cojuanco family, China, Mikey and the mom and someone was asking about a whitening soap. They advised MESTIZA herbal soap for her and read good things about the soap, I also tried it myself.

Image0826             I live near Shopwise Makati and right now they are having a sale



More details about the soap:

Mestiza complete herbal soap, More than just a skin whitening soap –


Papaya extract: Provides skin whitening and moisturizing treatment

Carrot extract: Contains Vitamin A which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Banana extract: Smoothens out various skin problems

Virgin coconut oil: Effective in removing molds, bacteria, and virus on skin

Calamansi extract: Contains Vitamin C, valued for its skin toning properties

Also contains: Linseed oil, Sodium silicate, Lactic acid, Caustic soda water, preservatives, natural essence, EDTA, Moisturizers


For pimples, black spots, stains on skin, sunburn, blisters, acne allergies, hemorrhoids, bad odor, psoriasis, baldness, etc.


Apply soap on skin and allow to stay for at least awhile before rinsing

In my experience, some of my dark spots in problem areas did lighten and my most favorite effect is that even if I perspire a bit, no smell! I let it stay for at least a minute or 2 then rinse it off. As for the lightening results, I do not rely much, although I also use after bath lightening lotion to maintain a fair complexion and keep moisturized.

Mestiza can be bought at Mercury drug stores and Shopwise Makati. Before they only sell it at Mercury, so good thing they are distributing it also to supermarkets.

Cost: P40.25 (very cheap and effective for me)

My verdict: 4.5/5 kikay points (points go to reducing amoy pawis)

Will I repurchase? YES!

*A little note from author

This review is based  on my own experience and results may vary depending on reaction of other people’s skin, use at your own discretion.


  1. it was featured on Shop Talk this lunch, and i was thinking of buying the product myself because of the benefits for the skin. i'm going to grab one now!

  2. @Chloe: Hello there, I see, yes it's a pretty good product and it maintains the fairness of your skin. It stings a bit upon first use but it's tolerable. ;)

    Thanks for commenting ^_^

  3. does it work on acne? [i was wondering if i could follow you without having to log on to my fb account?]

  4. @CleaRose: It says it does, some use it for the face as well. As for me, I prefer using it in my body.

    Hmm, I'm not too sure about that but I'm pretty sure you could follow me without having to log in to your fb account. Thanks CleaRose ^_^

  5. this soap gave me an acne and it makes my skin super dry is that normal ?? im using it for 4 days now

  6. @Anonymous: if its giving you acne, i suggest you discontinue it.

  7. Oh, it has preservatives? I was just gonna buy it... :(

  8. Ive been using it for almost a week now.. at. First it sting my face for 3 days and after that it got better.. my skin is lighter and smoother.. so far... I'm loving it:)


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