Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekend date dessert at Chef d Angelo


Quick post..

    I absolutely HATE friday because of the traffic, so BF and I ended up eating at Alphaland again for dinner last night. We ate at Reyes barbeque, but I think nothing beats Heaven’s barbeque. For dessert we went to Chef d’ Angelo for cakes, here’s what we had

DSCN0024                                     Blueberry cheese cake P85 – my order

DSCN0022                                     BF’s order – chocolate something P85

   Erm, forgive the partly eaten picture of BF’s cake, just as I was about to take a picture he took a bite before me, he says sorry. haha!  Well, you can’t really expect much. It tasted okay, but both we’re quite dry, but maybe because it was almost closing time.  


  How was you’re friday night?


Till then!





  1. Kitten! I dropped by Etude House SM North yesterday & the Dr. Oil Solution line has been restocked, including the dual primer! I hope you're able to get one this time around! :)

  2. @Kari: wwwaaaaaaaattttt? oh my gawd, thanks Kari, super! ohh, SM North? that's too far, I hope they have in megamall too :(

  3. My Friday was spent perusing the aisles of Fully Booked GB and Powerplant. Went book crazy! But I did have a lovely afternoon eating at Sango! all by my lonesome. I enjoyed eating while reading No Reservations and watching this crazy, hilarious Japanese show on their TV.

    Chef D'Angelo used to be really good.I don't know what happened. They probably changed management.

  4. @Lady E: I see, interesting day for you. OT si MB?

    Really, why? di na ba masarap food nila? they don't look appealing na nga though.

  5. Speaking of Alphaland, have you tried the La Paz batchoy place on the ground floor? The soup is lovely!

  6. Maybe you can call Megamall & reserve? They'll usually hold it for a few days :) The SAs at SM North told me they only restocked just last Friday (I went there Saturday) so I hope they've restocked only recently in Megamall too. Try asking them when they restock stuff so you know when to drop by :) I'm still holding out for their eye primer.

  7. hindi ka nagDouble Decker? three na kase na di ako nakakain dun.

  8. @Midge: We haven't tried eating there, when I crave for soup I'd definitely go there, thanks for the recommendation.

    @Kari: Okay, thanks, will see.

  9. @John: what do you mean double decker?


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