Monday, November 01, 2010

First dining experience with Nasi Lemak


   In continuation of yesterday’s date with the BF, we dined at a new place which I have always been interested in dining in. Nasi Lemak, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas

   We ordered Nasi goreng, honey spareribs and their new  japanese tofu with chorizo and bottomless red ice tea


DSCN0373                                              Nasi Goreng  p180

     This was really good, it had fried dilis (anchovy), veggies and scrambled egg, 1 order is good for 2 people.


                                       Honey mustard ribs P280

      I’m not sure if the white stuff is mayonnaise, but it didn’t empowered the flavor of the ribs. BF loved this so much, I did too, 1 order good for 2 people. The ribs is just a little bit hard to cut, but soft when you chew it. Flavor is really nice.

DSCN0378                                        Japanese tofu chorizo P160

   Thanks to BF for taking this shot, I tried taking multiple shots of this but mine appeared a little blurry, I always end up having shaky hands. The waiter told us to eat this whole since the tofu curdles when sliced in half. I was like O_o seriously? it was big, like the kind of maki they offer at the buffet at Saisaki, I don’t have a big mouth, haha. I just cut it in half and yes it broke. The tofu was soft, really yummy, I liked the sauce it came with, it was somewhat tangy. The chorizo and tofu’s flavor complimented well with each other.

   We ordered 2 bottomless red ice tea, was pretty pricey 2 for P156 but it was okay. I was a little bit irritated with their service though, the waiters did not seem friendly at all nor accommodating, considering that we ordered bottomless drinks they should be aware of the customers glass when it is half empty right? So okay, BF just raised his glass a couple of times to get one of the waitresses attention, and the place isn’t that full anyway. What I didn’t like was how the waitress looked, it was really irritating I didn’t even bother to ask for another refill, so it seemed that I just wasted our money for the ice tea. The red ice tea tasted different though, it had some strong flavor of something, but in a good way, it was good. Just not how the waitresses are. So what if you’re not friendly, I don’t mind, but at least be attentive right, as we ARE paying service charge, we expect some sort of  good service at least.

    My verdict? The food is good don’t get me wrong, it says though Halal approved, but from what I know when you say Halal approved no pork is allowed. Anyway, if you’re a vegetarian you wouldn’t be left out with the menu.

  Nasi Lemak offers, Singaporean and other asian cuisines (Sorry I forgot the others). Whenever  I pass by this restaurant, you can always see people in the restaurant. I’m glad, at least with the service we had (maybe they were not having a good day or what) it lived to my expectations, it was good, a taste of a different culture.

   Our total bill: P814.80

DSCN0379        Ambiance, had black long chairs, comfy enough and I liked the lighting.

DSCN0382*zoom mode, we were sitting far from this post


   Would I recommend this? Definitely! if you’re into asian dishes. Next time I will try the Char kway teow. 

   I haven’t tasted authentic Singaporean dishes but from what I’ve been reading, this definitely comes close to it. I’m not sure if they have other branches though.

  For the food I give it a: 4/5 spoons


Till then!




  1. wait until Wee Nam Kee comes to our shore. Nov 15 na yata soft opening nun, at the Ayala Triangle. Wee Nam Kee is one of my most fave singapore restos.

  2. @cafe'mobility: Interesting, thanks for the info, will do check it out if I can.

  3. Hello Kate,

    We are grateful for the feedback. As a result of which we have made strategies to improve our service.

    Plse come back to Nasi Lemak again, when I am around, so that I can personally thank you and provide a free dinner/lunch as a gesture of our appreciation. Tel: 4718988.

    H K Tan

  4. @HK Tan: Thanks, we appreciate the invite, I sent you an email in facebook already.

  5. your post makes me my stomach grumble at 5AM!

  6. @Meedge: haha! I miss their honey mustard spare ribs.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I would definitely check this out soon. Thanks for sharing Kate!


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