Friday, May 07, 2010

What's a good foundation powder for Oily face?

One of my biggest skin problems is having an oily face, I’m still on a look-out in finding the best foundation powder for my skin type both for the rainy or HOT season. I know having an oily face has it’s advantages when you grow old (less wrinkles), but seriously it’s hard to maintain a shine free face through out the day, without having to re-apply again in the middle of the day. I’ve tried quite a few brands already from reasonably priced to high end (Maybelline’s foundation powder shine free with SP15, Avon’s True Luminous, Maybelline’s Angel Fit, Nichido, Maybelline’s Mineral foundation and Shu Uemura).

Shu Uemura was good while it lasted every bit of powder, this has got to be one of my favorite high end foundation powder because it gives that sheer finish and (in my case) I don’t need to use a concealer. It gives me a photo ready face. Although, it can feel a little heavy but I don’t mind. I also like the smell of it, some sort of powdery make-up smell. lolz! I think it costs around P2000+



                                 My super uber used Shu

Since, I can’t buy Shu Uemura for now, I have to settle with something a little less. On to Maybelline’s Shine Free foundation poweder with SPF15, this was just plain blah for me, every time I put this on my face, it looks so white and they say 8hours shine free, well, I was disappointed. I bought the natural shade and it still looks white to me, must be because of the SPF. I'm definitely not going to buy this again. This is based on my experience okay? it may work for others, but didn't work for me so there.

For my True Luminous Avon foundation, this doesn't last me even before lunch. But must be because I'm commuting, but even if I'm indoors it doesn't stay that long.

So that is my dilemma, I really need a good foundation powder and If I've found it, I'll definitely be sticking to it for a Very long time.For now, I'm lemming on the ELLANA mineral intensive foundation powder, I've heard a good review about it, I just hope it would work for me too.


I'm open for suggestions too okay? Don't hesitate to give your opinions, etc. I'd even appreciate it. So, for girls who have the same skin problem as I do, what do you use to keep your face shine free? (of course, except using blotting films of course, hehe).

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  1. Hi! Have you tried using a primer? I also have very oily skin and I use a primer before I apply my foundie to lessen the probability of becoming an oil bat after the lapse of a few hours or so. Hmmmm... Revlon colorstay and the Photo ready don't run on my face if I top it off with a finishing powder just to sort of seal it in. :3 I also never retouch once I have my makeup on. I just use a blotting film and re-apply lipstick. :3

  2. @Sugar sugar: I see, before applying make up I just use (as of the moment) Garnier anti shine cream as my primer, what brand of primer do you suggest? The Revlon colorstay and photo ready is what's in my list, just haven't bought it yet though. Thanks for the comment, appreciate it a lot!

  3. A review of my daily face primer. :3

    I highly recommend Smashbox photofinish but it's not so budget friendly. So if you're just looking for something that can be used everyday pureglow is my best bet. :D

  4. @sugar sugar: yeah, i read your review about pureglow and it looks promising, will definitely buy that this paycheck, haha. Thanks dear. :)

  5. i was back reading through your blog posts, looking for a review on the Delicate Pink shade of Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lippies (saw you liked it when you posted in one of the beauty blogs), when I saw this. May i suggest the use of Skin Hour's mattifying day cream? a lot of bloggers have been liking it, and I'm about to buy my first pot.

    Maybe you can google it and read the reviews of other bloggers, or you can try it out for yourself :)

  6. @Anonymous: Actually, I read about Skin hour's through I am Bourgeois's posts and have been planning on buying it for the longest time. I also put it in one of my wishlists. Where will you buy yours?


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