Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quick updates

Happy weekend everyone! Work has been fine so far and it’s nice too that BF is also working in the same company as I am, except of course that we’re both in a different team. Weekdays are quite laid back, so I have ample time to write about something. First off, my work is a Content Moderation Control officer for Orion OMG Solutions Inc. for Cartoon Network, Hong Kong at Ortigas Pasig, just around the corner of Robinson’s Galleria. I had 3 weeks of training and currently moved to the night shift. I’m still adjusting with my body clock and I hope I get used to it soon. Music, hot chocolate and energy drinks are what keeps me up late at night. haha, it’s hard not to take a quick nap at the wee hours of the night, lucky for me my team leads are nice (being the only girl in the team at the night shift- so they have to be nice, lolz!)

So, the 30th of last month was my very first paycheck and I wasn’t expecting a high salary because it has been only 3 weeks of work, and to my surprise, it was more than to what I expected, WOOT! Since now I’m in the night shift, I’m definitely expecting (quite) a- lot in the 15th of this month. Well, it’s not really that high nor low, just the basic but with additional like night differential and holiday pay, things like that. I am happy that I was hired in this company, my team are very nice and my trainer was very patient with me, thanks Ate Cath.


Recently, I’ve acquired new make-up like Maybelline’s mineral foundation powder in Shell beige, which I’ll be posting a review about it sometime next week. I want to make sure to make a thorough review about it, at this moment it’s the wee hours of the night and, I’m afraid I can’t compose my thoughts properly.


Friday was the first screening of The Iron Man 2, BF and I watched it at Robinson’s Galleria, the memorable scenes for me was the sentiment of his dad, which I wasn’t expecting and a short preview of Thor, which is so cool! Man, I can’t wait to see that movie along with Captain America and The Avengers.



The final battle with Whiplash was just meh, it wasn’t really great or cool, but it’s still okay. Not unless if you’re expecting a kick ass battle, then sorry to burst your bubble. Then again, it’s just my perception about it.

I had barely 3 hours of sleep that day, and it was really hard staying awake late at night. I was beginning to be restless, haha. Rushed home as soon as I was finished with work.

Well, this is sort of an update, work is keeping me so I’ll do my best to find something new to make a review about. Like I said, I make reviews on random things that I love, not just make up. Hope you enjoy reading my random babblings.


Till next time!



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