Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Megaman Powered UP

Gaming is what I  have learned to love and enjoy during my free time or when I need to de- stress. Now there is a particular game that I thought I would never EVER play. It’s a guys game I say, but then Castlevania is a guys game too and I’ve finished quite a lot of series already. It’s the Megaman Powered UP
Some facts about the game: Powered Up is a remake of the very first Mega Man for the NES, using a similar method of upgrading, it has the 2D platform gaming but in 3D effects.
This is my first attempt in making a game review so I just decided to share my experiences about it. At first glance, it looks like a kids game and easy to play, but in some parts of the game it is so freaking irritating . Why? because it is so old school, there’s no shop for you to buy E-tanks, the saving glory would be the drop items like the hearts (to increase your life, sort of like a life up in Mario), and the bulbs (like potions, to increase your health), so it really is about skills in this game and A-LOT of patience, haha. After finishing 1 boss, I found myself addicting-ly playing it one boss after the other. In each boss you defeat, you can acquire their power. But initially when you start the game, you are geared up with the Mega Buster. The game starts of as Megaman as a normal boy, then transformed to a robot.
In game, I didn’t have much of a hard time because it is a 2D platform game, which is my forte’, thanks to BF in making me play Castlevania games. It is in that series that I was “trained” to play 2D platforming. It was just a matter of how to beat the bosses and go through different stages. I’ve defeated Cutman, Bombman, Iceman, Fireman, and Oilman, Elec man 2 more bosses to go (Time man and Guts man), it's not the monsters that are hard to beat, it's each stage. You may think it's cute, wait till you play this game. Moving on, as there are 2 bosses left, it's beginning to get more harder and harder, and the Time man stage is so far the most difficult yet. So yeah, good luck to me! haha.
Here are a few pictures of the In game:
Well since I haven’t finished the game yet, I can’t end this review. In the meantime all I can say is that, this game is totally hard, can be irritating at times but it’s what makes me want to finish each stage. Technique? get as much hearts as you can, haha. But once you reach the Oil man stage, it's gets to be more difficult, specially the Elec man stage which has less monsters and the stage is effin tricky (no hearts to accumulate and e-tanks are hard to get.) 


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