Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kleenex Blotting film


This post is dedicated for blotting films. As you all know what my dilemma is already, I’ve tried a couple of oil blotting films in the market. From Clean and Clear, Rice paper, Gatsby and Beauty formula. Among all these I’ve sticked to Gatsby (the black one) for a long time. It costs P120 for 75 sheets. It do it’s job well, though when I use liquid foundation it messes up my make up a bit. 

I recently came across bitsandtreats’ blog and featured Kleenex blotting paper and was surprised that Kleenex came up with this. I wasn’t really planning on buying this yet since, I still have my gatsby. But when I went to Shopwise, I saw this at the beauty section and bought it! XD It costs for P89 for 50 sheets. I guess for the sake of trying something new too that’s why I bought it. The Beauty formula is quite pricey P150 for 50 sheets, I never bought that again. For now, I’ll try to see how the Kleenex works for me.

Pictures below:


Image1025     Sorry for the image, It would take a while for me to buy a decent camera.



This item is a must have in my kikay kit, I can’t leave the house without it. Although, one trick I do so that it won’t mess up my make-up is, I pat my face with tissue first then I use the blotting film. 

What’s your favorite blotting film that works for you? I’d love to hear them.




  1. so far, the one i like the most is clean and clear's. though i haven't tried gatsby and kleenex yet :) it seems that they are not available in savemore and mercury drug outlets.

  2. @Joyce: I see. I think not all mercury outlets have the gatsby blotting film, I've only seen Kleenex at Shopwise Makati and Landmark. I was able to check out savemore alphaland branch and they do not have both.

    For the gatsby it takes out a lot of oil in the face which I like and for a short time gives you that matte look.


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