Monday, November 12, 2012

Opinions: The Ugly Truth


Filipinos (probably some) love freebies. I won’t deny that I don’t too as I appreciate receiving freebies from events or promos as well. Difference is, I don’t whine or say bad things about the event organizer if I didn’t receive anything. Besides, being invited is already a huge thing for me.

While browsing through Facebook’s timeline, I came across a quite annoyingly status post from someone who generalized ASIANS and BLOGGERS. If I think about it, I can’t really blame that person for generalizing the blogosphere community. In a previous event I attended to, I was able to observe this kind of attitude in some ‘bloggers’ which is the reason why bloggers are perceived to be ‘freebie hoarders’ or ‘event crashers’. ‘Pinapa- kain ako ng blog ko’ hearing those words are the very reason why the title ‘Blogger’ has a negative impression to it.


I won’t make this post a long one as I’m sure we all have our own opinion about this issue. I don’t intend either to shove it into people’s heads about how we should blog. However, I wish people act more responsibly especially if they hold that ‘B’ word as their ‘titles’.

Thoughts about this topic? Share them below.…………

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  1. This is one of the reasons why I stopped blogging for a while. There was a time when this became a big issue here in our country. Some bloggers would gate crash events, ask for freebies, say that they should be labeled 'PRESS', etc. I've also experienced the same thing from fellow bloggers. Being an entrepreneur, I was and still am being asked for free stuff by a lot of bloggers. I don't usually get anything in return aside from the 5-minute promotion and exposure. After that, they move on. Heck, the bloggers don't even want to shell out a few pesos from their own pockets to show that they support me back. Oh and some bloggers even had the nerve to ask me for money and they range from 4 to 5 digit amounts.

    But not all bloggers are like that. There are still some good bloggers out there who appreciate your support and who are still worthy to be called bloggers. So generalizing is not a good thing in this area. I went back to blogging because writing is part of my life. Blogger or not, I'm still a writer and no one can take that away from me.

  2. Oh yeah I remember that girl who demandingly asked for items, sorry but it was so unethical. Tsk.

    Maybe because those 'bloggers' were in a bracket of unemployed and still studying, reason why they couldn't afford (yet) to buy something.


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