Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tech Love: Happiness is just a Tab away!



The storm today definitely is not enough to keep me and my sister from being ecstatic! We finally got our very own prizes from the Samsung Mobile Philippines, Make my life better contest – Oh happy dance!

We still could not believe that we won as there were hundreds to thousands of entries that joined.

Many thanks to Jeck and Carlo for choosing our entry. He even said that our entry was one of the best among the others, in fact- Golden! – WOW! We were blushing and smirking deep inside.

We were all smiles up to the end of our ears, maybe even more.


The lovely Jessica “Jeck” Kahayon and Carlo Dominguez

We were able to have small talk with Jeck, she was really nice, warm and pretty. Carlo was the one who explained on how we were chosen and that instead of winning just a Galaxy Tab 2 7” inch, they were really generous to give all winners of Make my life better a 10. 1 inch tab – WOW! We were definitely not expecting that! Thank you :)

And as Carlo finished explaining, he said “and without further ado…. Here are your Samsung Galaxy Tab’s”. Weeeeeeeee! If not only for poise, we would’ve already fainted and hugged our new gadgets in front of them. Ha-ha!


You see I was keeping my cool but deep inside I was geeking out already XD



And my wonderful sister Amanda

You see, between the both of us, she’s the most happiest. I am so happy to have made her life better with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1” inch baby!

She may not be as techie as me, but she deserves a prestigious gadget such as the galaxy tab.


I’m looking forward for payday as I will be buying my new baby an I-shield and cover case.

Expect a gadget review soon!

I believe Samsung Mobile Philippines Facebook page has an on going contest, you might want to check them out.

Again, many many thanks Samsung for hosting a one of kind contest and to Jeck and Carlo for being generous for our prize.

A photo of me and my sister courtesy of Samsung Mobile Philippines c/o Jeck




Till then!




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