Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tech Love: Impressions on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1


Without further ado, here’s my unboxing and a slight first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

We received the 16GB which retails at roughly P21,000++ while the 32GB will probably cost more. I’m pretty hard core when it comes to apps and probably the 16GB will be maximized at it’s full potential in the future.



Specs wise…


The Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 runs on a calorific 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I’ve heard some people not liking the Ice Cream but personally (and so far), I’m liking the new UI which is something fresh in my eyes since my Samsung Galaxy ACE runs on Gingerbread. At least now I know how the Ice Cream Sandwich looks like.

Aside from the 16GB internal storage it also has

  • 1GB of RAM
  • Dual Core 1GHz processor (which makes gaming slightly faster and run smoothly)
  • Swipe feature is pretty responsive
  • Battery longevity is pretty good with it’s 7000mAh (I haven’t stressed test the product that much yet but so far it’s been 2 and a half days. This is way better than my Galaxy ACE’s battery life)
  • Display is crisp and detailed with it’s 1280 x 800 pixels



Pretty basic – USB cable, head phones, charger and manual.





The 2 speakers located at the front makes the sound loud and clear



While most specs are not that bad, for people who loves taking photos like me, the 3MP is a bit of disappointment. It also has a VGA Front face camera.



Other features

The back cover has a matte silver cover and because I’m still OC, I have not removed the plastic yet. Ha-ha!



On top you can find the power button, volume and a slot for a micro SD card.


And a 3.5mm jack and a SIM slot which I haven’t used. Well, I don’t think I will be using this as my mobile use anyway.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab still deems useful for work and play purposes. One of my favorite Samsung App is the S Planner, as it serves as my planner for work. Now I can type down all my schedules and tasks easily.  Looks like I won’t need to buy a planner as I had originally planned after all.

Ultimately, it perfectly compliments my work as an Editorial Assistant as I can now use this for presentations for work. The Tab most importantly compliments me as a blogger. Perfect for a Kikay loving gadget geek like me!

Now, sharing things to a whole lot of people is just a Tab away!


Of course my impressions doesn’t end here yet as I still have to see the Tab’s full potential.

And because my sister is THE BEST, she bought me a cover for my baby.




with my Samsung Galaxy ACE


And the Tab together with my Sister / best friend


Happy Sunday!


Till then!





  1. I'm not really a techy person but i've been wanting a tablet for a while now. Been having troubles on which I will buy. Anyway, I love the red cover your sis got you! So chic! :D

  2. Thanks for commenting, well in the end it really depends on the specs you need I guess. Thanks :)


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