Friday, June 11, 2010

Mongolian Quick Stop – Schezuan Squid


   Hello readers, weekends are almost here, what are you all up to?

  As for me, here’s another food review which is a backlog already. Didn’t have time to do this in the office these days. So anyways, I’ve been lemming on Mongolian Quick Stop for some time now and so far, I have not been disappointed yet with my orders. First was the Spicy fish pasta (which was just sardines btw) and the Schezuan squid which had rice, lots of white onion and green bell peppers. This one cost me around P110 ala cart, I noticed their prices are quite pricey though, but it’s good to reward yourself with something like this from time to time.

 squid shezuan

                                         Schezuan Squid P110 ala cart

    For the price, I would say that I wasn’t disappointed with how big the servings are, even with the pasta I ordered a few weeks ago, servings were pretty big and most importantly flavorful. As for this order, this one really filled up my tummy. I just wished that it had more squid pieces rather than the onions, but it was no biggie. And the texture of the squid wasn’t tough (which is the most important factor), you wouldn’t want to eat a rubbery squid do we?  Usually I love my food spicy so I asked them to make it spicy for me but then the lady said that it’s already spicy and YES it is! as for the sauce beneath the overloading toppings, the rice was smothered with the spicy schezuan sauce. Another happy spoon for me. Too bad I can’t order this everyday, since I’m on a budget. Looking forward to eating here with my significant other some day.

So the verdict? 3.9/5 Spoons (I have yet to taste authentic Schezuan, any suggestions?)

Will I eat there again? Of course I would! Will order something new this coming payslip (hehe).

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