Monday, June 07, 2010

Mongolian Quick Stop

A long over due review, but before anything else sad news my dear readers. Our house got robbed and the only thing that got stolen was my acer laptop, but they forgot to get the charger (stupid dumbass!) Oh well, was really glad nothing bad happened to us that night.


It’s time for my favorite review, food review! and for this week it’s Mongolian Quick Stop at Robisnons Galleria. I’ve been meaning to try this out with my significant other, but we always end up eating at our favorite places like Japanese, Italian or fast food. So for a change I decided to try it out on my own. I was torn between their rice meals or noodles and was surprised that they serve noodle dishes. I ordered the Spicy fish noodles which cost me around P85. Pictures below




Image0962      This was my order, at first I was expecting huge chunks of fish since it says on the sign board fish noodles, but then it was just spicy sardines. 1 spoon down, as for the taste? It was flavorful and is indeed spicy! So I was not disappointed there. Servings were quite huge too. My thoughts about it, they should have said sardines instead of fish.


My verdict: 3/5 spoons

Will definitely eat here again :)


  1. sorry to hear about the theft. hope you get your laptop back, the thieves get caught and karma bites them really bad.

  2. @Salmoncat: Thanks for the concern, it's okay, I believe in the saying everything we do, give, say or even think, it's like a boomerang. It will come back to us, or particularly that person. I think it was a small kid that went inside the house because the window is way too small for a big person to enter to. XD


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