Friday, June 11, 2010

My thoughts on Kitty Litters


For the cat lover that I am, I try my best to test out what products are good for my cats, like the most effective litter and kibbles. For cat lovers out there, here’s my thoughts on certain cat products that I’ve tried, tested and researched about. First off, let’s talk about kitty litters. As we all know, cats’ feces smell horrible and can leave the area where the litter tray is placed smell bad. So you need to buy something that would really work for you and your kitty.

My top 3 picks for kitty litters:

1. Catsan 5ml for P200 (depending on where you buy it)


Catsan has fine like grains, which is good because it does not waste up too much of the product compared to bigger grains. As for clumping, it does it's job well and does not harden too much compared to another brand named Happy Cat, which hardens like cement (almost), as for odor control, It's quite tolerable and can last for 8 days maximum. But I'd suggest that you put baking soda or arm & hammer litter deodorizer which costs about P138.95

arm and hammer  The best litter deodorizer out there, but others use baking soda, that I have to try too!

2. Feline Essence 5ml, I buy mine either at Dog City Makati P350 and Ace Hardware Cash and Carry P299

feline essence Feline Essence has different scents where you can choose from, I bought mine with a fresh lemon scent. If you have clear eyes, you can see that it has fine grains, finer than Catsan actually. I have tried 2 scents already, the Lemon and Rosemary, I prefer the lemon scent though as for the rosemary has a very subtle smell. It’s much cheaper if you buy this at Ace hardware, just P300 bucks.

3. Prize Litter

prize   This one is really hard to find these days at Shopwise or Rustan’s Supermarket, although it’s not clumping it works really well and the scent smells really good compared to the Feline essence. This one costs only P183.75 at Shopwise but for the longest time they have not been restocking this great product. Grains are not that fine and color is ash black. I really hope they will restock this, I’ve only seen this at Rustans.

  Other brands I’ve tried are Tidy Cats, which is probably my next best bet. Happy cat, well, I hated this product as it clumps so hard and does  not do anything in absorbing the smell. After trying out a few, I now stick to the brands that work for me and my cats. Although, there is one product called Kitty Comfort but it’s so expensive, costs around P700+ or more but it’s a big box and I think it can last a month and I’ve heard good reviews about it so far, maybe next time.

In my experience, it’s not only the disinfecting and choosing the right litters that would help lessen (somehow) the smell of a cat’s poop. I’ve noticed every time I feed them Whiskas their poop smells soooo horrible. So it’s the food as well. I’ve stayed away from feeding them Whiskas since it’s just junk food and has a high content of ash magnesium which is bad for the cats. Well, it’s okay to give them that, just not too often. Well, so there you go!

For cat lovers out there, what brands do you buy for your kitties?

Much Love!




  1. wow, a thorough comparison complete with prices and where to buy!

    i am ashamed to admit this but I don't buy cat litters. my cats would open the sliding screens of our windows then do their business in our garden. instant fertilizer. just wish they would close the screen when they got back inside the house though.:)

  2. @Salmoncat: Hehe, thanks.

    No that's okay, as you said it serves as an instant fertilizer so that's okay. Lucky for you, you have a garden unlike us, we have to buy litters for them to poop. lol.

  3. Ang cute ng babies!!! Have you tried Market! Market's supermarket Kitten? They have a huge variety of cat litter to choose from. Well, at least back when I was still buying there. They have bigger supplies than the Makati malls. Don't put baking soda. Your cats will eat the soda and would poop like crazy. They will also get the soda on their paws, on the floors, everywhere! Where do you buy Catsan?

  4. @Lady E: Hmm, what babies? the cat picture? hehe. Never knew that about Market Market, I agree, although I buy my supplies at a Pet shop in Reposo Makati and other things I order online. Oh, thanks for the tip, I won't be buying that na. Cash and Carry is out of my way kasi and I'm so tired to even travel there with work, it's the only place I know that sells Arm and Hammer kitty deodorizer :( Catsan is available at some pet stores, Cash and carry, and ACE Hardware.

  5. I found Catsan yesterday at Landmark. It's 269. Landmark also carries Arm and Hammer deodorizer pero sometimes lang.

    Yeah, babies. I call my cats babies.

  6. @Lady E: Really? it's been a looong time since I went to landmark. But, I'll keep that in mind. Catsan is cheaper at ACE Hardware that's why I go there.


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