Friday, December 09, 2011

Skin care: Celeteque Oil Control toner


   Last week, the Metro experienced a very hot weather and with that, my face really oiled up a lot. Not only that, my face was in a bad condition ever since I started using the PONDS gold radiance facial wash (the only PONDS product that broke me out). I acquired some red spots in my cheeks. I discontinued using it and reverted to my Human Nature balancing facial wash every morning and the PONDS smooth pores every night, and my skin is back to normal – still oily by the way. I’m pretty sure the diet has something to do with it as well. I ate very bad last week and kept on drinking sodas and ice tea. Now, I’m back with good ol’ H2O.

    My current toner is the Olay oil minimizing and I’m on my second bottle already. The toner is great for balancing the skin’s natural moisture but for the oil minimizing part did nothing for me, still I kept using it. So, the search for a new toner begins. I’ve been trying to look for the Celeteque brightening facial wash in Mercury drug, Sucat Paranaque last week and found the Celeteque oil control toner. My eyes lit up! I believe in Celeteque ever since, because my sister during high school had a lot of pimples and one of our tita’s recommended that she use Celeteque as her facial wash, her pimples was gone. 

    I was actually torn whether to buy the small bottle at P70.27 or the big one for P110.75 (a few pesos cheaper than the Olay toner which costs at P195).

2011-12-03 16.50.26

  I also changed my morning moisturizer to Olay natural white. My previous day cream was the mineral flowers rose day cream. I bought the small toner just to try it out and use it 2 times a day (morning and night).

2011-12-04 10.29.43




  The verdict?

    The toner is very gentle and for some reason seems to be a good combination with the Olay natural white day cream. I still oil up, but not as much now, seriously! I’m in love with this toner and will buy the big one next time.


    My cheeks (bare skin, no make-up) after almost 2 weeks of doing my morning and night ritual, with the help of Celeteque oil control toner and Olay natural white day cream. The red spots really lessened. With just almost 2 weeks of use and instant results, this is definitely a winner!

   Next week I’ll be paying a visit to Watson’s and I hope to find the brightening facial wash, pretty please? :)



    Till then!





  1. i hope you find what you are looking for dear. :)

  2. i;m a celetque user too, for my facial wash. but i use l'oreal for my pore minimizing toner.

  3. @sugar: thanks

    @john: nice to know, thanks for sharing your skin care regimen

  4. yup, the celeteque with microbeads for gentle exfoliation, i like it for its firmness effect. and hirap ngumiti pagkatapos.

  5. @john: oh? ma try nga yan next time

  6. For reference purposes, maybe next time you could upload a photo of how your skin looked before using the toner + moisturizer. Just to help us see the difference :)


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