Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Breakfast fix


  Wonderful morning everyone! I haven’t posted anything in regards to make-up, but hopefully next month I’ll be able to buy my wish list. Anyways, for today’s food post, featuring Country Style again, haha. I ordered the Omellette combo which cost me P90, pretty big servings and it comes with buttered wheat bread, wheat bread? Normally, I’d expect regular white bread, but for this they use wheat  bread, which is really good. Clap clap! Simple things make me happy really, I’m not a high maintenance girl. lolz.

  For today’s breakfast, I wanted something light, since I brought food at home which mom cooked for us, which is Rice and porkchop with some kind of sauce.

Here are pictures:

Image1066                                                        Ham and Cheese combo

but you can choose from tuna, corned beef and forgot the other one. What I like about this is that, it is not greasy. I wonder how they cook their eggs? The ham chunks are pretty big too and taste nice. Best eaten with buttered toast indeed!

Closer look: Sorry about the image, I think I have to change the settings of my phone or something


Do I think it’s pricey? the fact that it made me full, I think it’s priced okay. And I really enjoyed it, so it’s worth my money.

My dessert was a Cherry Crueller which was really good too.

My verdict: 4.8/5 spoons

If I’m craving for something light, I’d definitely order this again!

Till then!



  1. Cherry Crueller! I think I wanna try that! Ay, apparently, not all Jollibee branches offer the menudo. We were at Powerplant yesterday and they said they didn't have it there. Sayang!

  2. Yes, it's really good, and I think it's a little bit "healthier" than the Nutty caramel, haha. A donut is a donut. But it's good, I tried the choco, not a fan. Awtz, I see, sayang naman.

  3. the ham's gone missing in the photos! :)

    on the jollibee menudo, I think they're conducting a product test. They usually offer new products at a few stores in the ortigas area to gauge customer reception prior to making them available elsewhere.

  4. @salmoncat: I think so too, I hope it will be a staple though, but I haven't eaten at jollibee recently to check out if they still have it in the Ortigas branch.

  5. Yum! I love eggs! I'm an egg monster. I could eat eggs for the rest of my life. LOL. That costs 90.00? Ang mahal naman! :)

    Lots of love,

  6. @Golden: sorry for the misinformation, it costs P90 pag may drinks, pag ala carte it's P75

  7. love their mushroom or ham & cheese omelette too! also the spaghetti and ham sandwich. :D

  8. @[cookiespink]: yes it's good right? Haven't dined at a Country style cafe' yet, but will try that soon. There's a country style cafe some where in Pasong tamo.


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