Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How I spent my 26th birthday


  Late birthday post, It was a Sunday but I decided to wake up really early after work which I only had 4 hours of sleep but I didn’t mind. I seriously thought that the BF didn’t have plans to visit me or surprise me, but he did. He was at Alphaland and we met there.

    We first went to megamall to attend Mass, personally I prefer Worship, it’s more lively and almost like Joyce Meyer or Bo Sanchez. The sermon was rather hard to swallow or absorb, I won’t mention it anymore since religion is a sensitive topic and I don’t want to read arguments in my comment section. It’s not that I don’t disagree, it’s more of it’s difficult, specially with the situation I’m in right now.

     After mass, even during mass we were so hungry and I decided to eat at Shakey’s, I love their pasta! But before that, BF wanted to try the Manila Scramble, I told him they have one here at Mega Mall, but I’m not sure where. We found one at the food court but It’s not the original one, regardless, it was still a long line. A lot of people in my time, sure misses eating this treat, even the young ones enjoy this as well. Unfortunately, I did not grow up eating this so I can’t compare, but BF says it’s good.

09052010098   Sorry about the picture, I had to rush and couldn’t set the setting since people were impatient waiting in line. We had this before heading to Shakey’s, I was just ok about it, did not impress me at all. Now I want to try the Manila Scramble and good that they have one at Robinson’s Galleria, just to compare which is more better.

    For dinner we had the following:



                               Basket of Mojo’s with 2 dips ceasar and garlic


09052010104                                                                  Pizza Bianca

    It’s just one order, just took 2 shots one with and without flash. Now I’m excited about this, this was THE most best pizza Shakey’s has right now. Everything else sucks, sorry Shakey’s, but most of your pizza choices are so meaty and just not my liking. I never liked any of their pizza, but this was TOPS fave! It has cheddar cheese and smoked bacon. It blended well, and the taste was real smokey bacon. Even BF loved it as we both finished our solo pizza bianca for the first time. I definitely recommend this, but I’m not so sure about your taste buds, as for me it’s a RAVE!

09052010106                                                        Spaghetti Platter

comes with

09052010107                                                                Garlic bread 

     Our total bill was around P800+ pesos, which was okay since the food we ordered was good and the service was okay too. There were quite a lot of left overs so I had them for take out for my dinner at work that night. Thanks babe for spending time with me on my special day, now all I’m waiting for is THE delayed birthday gift, hehehe. To end our date he treated me out to Red Mango, which will be my next post since I’d like to make a review about it too. Of course, birthdays is not a birthday without a cake, and he bought me my favorite Chocolate Mousse from Red Ribbon ♥


     For the office I bought some doughnuts to share with my friends and officemates at work. And what I was actually not expecting at all was a cake from a dear friend Karen, she’s one of my closest friends at work and sad that she’s now moved to the morning shift since she’s the new game lead now.  I’ll miss having dinner with her and sharing crazy stories. I guess, I was just deeply touched with her giving me a cake which is a big deal for me. Again, thank you Karen. ^_^


   My 26th birthday didn’t turn out bad, I’m glad to have spent it with my love, BF, the Lord – it really got me thinking, and great friends. Thank you all!


Till then!



  1. hi kitten, belated happy birthday!

  2. Hello, this is Ysabel :) Thanks so much for leaving that sweet comment on my blog. I'm still working on my actual blog name and theme, I'll let you know when it's back up. Thank you so much for leaving that sweet comment on the blog!

  3. @Salmoncat: Thanks dear ^_^

    @Kari: Oh hey there, well I meant what I said. Hope you are doing well, thanks for the greet.


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