Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday food tripping: Batanes Lobsters


   Hey there everyone, Happy Easter!

   Hope you are all rejuvenated from the long weekend. Anyway, my mom just arrived from her photography workshop in Batanes and brought home LOBSTERS~

   I wasn’t feeling gourmet that it would’ve been better cooked with butter, garlic and parsley. But we just boiled it and had vinegar with lot’s of garlic as our sauce, it was soooo good. The lobster looks scary, and has a small tail. But it was so meaty and still slightly fresh. It was pre-cooked when mom brought them home this afternoon. All I can say is, DELICIOUS! So this serves as my Sunday food tripping with the family. We all ate together for dinner and it was lovely, since we rarely eat together due to our different schedules.



                                               Pre cooked Lobsters

   Happy Sunday people! What’s up with you lately?  Smile



   Till then!





  1. OMG. You are making me soooooo hungry at 11:30 at night! Lobster with lemon butter sauce... =D~ haha

  2. @Kari: hahaha, mmmm. lemon butter sauce sounds good too~

  3. what's up with me? last minute shopping for MB's stuff today... haayyyy...sarap... di pa ko nagbreakfast.

  4. those are pretty good but yeah ... parsley, butter and garlic would have been great :)

  5. mukhang laruan.

    i'm not really fond of lobster and anything related for a dining customary kase kailangan mo pa mag effort magbabalat bago mo makain, unlike steaks na derecho kagat agad. but one time, nung may neg effort magtalop sa akin sa crustacia, masarap naman sya. :)

  6. Lovely, lovely lobsters - and they must have tasted wonderful, too!

  7. @lady e: syapping! weeeee. ilang days na lang.

    @kay: yes, i'd have to agree

    @john: laruan talaga? hahaha. pareho kayo ni M, ayaw ng seafood like shrimp and crabs kasi matrabaho. hahaha. MEN~

    @Midge: they did~ ^_^

  8. wow looks delicious tlga. I haven't eaten lobster, hehe but this makes me want to order these in dampa..hehe

  9. wow! just seeing the pics had me salivating!


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