Saturday, July 17, 2010

Espresso Comics Magazine

 Hi there guys! Helping out a friend, Ria Lu, creator of Komikasi and Espresso comics, read on. This is for those who are into comics, one shot of espresso please? hehe.

The 24-hour Comic Book Challenge is tomorrow! For all the participants, good luck! Espresso is publishing the winner of the challenge. Wouldn't that be great? The winner gets to have 50,000 copies of his/her work distributed to commuters of the LRT! That's 50,000 readers, not counting the friends and siblings these commuters pass their copies on to!

For the rest, let's support the participants by reading their works, voting for our favorite artist, and spreading the word about them. Post links to the challenge. Post links to your favorite works! Tell your friends about them. Don't be afraid to be a fan. :)

Here's the link to where the participants will be posting their works: 

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