Thursday, October 21, 2010

Inside a cat’s mind’s - “What’s inside my bag”


     Good evening everyone! Another post from me, I wanted to post about “What’s in my / your bag.” So I’m starting it first, specially for my readers or followers. Hopefully you have time to show what’s in your bag. So here goes:

DSCN0233          This bag was given by my mom, she bought it in the RAIN store in LRI Design Plaza,  It’s pretty big actually so it can fit all the things that I need.


DSCN0237    l-r: 2 make-up bags, umbrella, brush, fan, wet ones, 2 wallets, Nokia 5130 Xpress music, USB connector for digi cam, usb connector for phone and keys for home and work. 

DSCN0239       The pink pouch which I bought at Tickles, glorietta 4 and the voodoo doll keychain given by the BF from her sister’s trip to Baguio.  The snake is a card holder sort of wallet too, of course it’s personal so I won’t be showing the snaked skin wallet. Inside the pink pouch are my transpo money, company ID and MRT store value cards. Wanna peek?XD

DSCN0240                                                       20 peso bills, haha!

    Inside the blue make-up pouch are my lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, concealer and Dr. Jart BB cream.

DSCN0248            l-r: 3 maybelline lipstics, 2 NYX, revlon, mac and AVON DSCN0251  l-r: victoria secret lipgloss, ELF – So love this one!, Forever 21 – gift by E, carmex and NYX  

DSCN0252   l-r: ELF concealer, Shu uemura eyeliner, 2 cat eyes volum mascara


Inside the black make-up pouch are:

DSCN0258     l-r: body shop baked to last, maybelline, 2 AVON blushers and 1 Fanny Serano that claims to be a dupe of the Shu Orgasm.

DSCN0260    I actually won the TBS baked to last make-up set, hardly have time to put on eyeshadows recently though.

DSCN0263     TBS Bronzer that I haven’t used, only once which was swatched in my arms, there’s also a crack because my pouch fell the other day. I’m a dummy about bronzers, anyone wants this? haha!

 DSCN0259       ELF eyebrow kit, this works fairly well, though the cream makes my eyebrow look oily at the end of the day. What I do is pat it with tissue then re-touch the powder.

DSCN0266       Shu Uemura eye lash curler and maybelline minerals, I like how the blush looks in my cheeks, next time I’ll do a swatch since I have a better camera now. As for my old Shu curler I still keep it, old habits die hard, hehe.

 65961_1436920718715_1103880186_31038932_4974760_n                         Of course my camera, always have to bring it everywhere. 

         Other things that weren’t included is the blotting film, tissue and pen. Before I use to bring a book with me always, but now a days I don’t have time to read, most of my reads are via web. Well there you have it, the things that are inside my bag, BF always complains that I bring too much, I never leave make-up at home and I still plan to buy a pouch for my gadgets. I really like big bags so I can fit all my stuff inside, I’m eye-ing a bag on the Accessorize it store but it’s worth P2,100, too much for a bag, so I’ll be looking for a good one since I hate wasting money.


       So, what’s inside your bag ladies? and gents? I’m curious ^_^

Till then!



  1. Wow you do carry a lot of stuff. I used to do that but now I limit myself to the minimum wallet, camera, lipstick and driver's license lol

  2. @MrsMartinez: ahahaha, yeah I do and that's why BF complains that I bring too much, thanks for commenting.

  3. i lug around too much as well. macbook pro, cellphones(three of them), credit cards, passport, bankbook, adapters, digicam, storage devices, and usb modems(sun and smart). i even feel like i'm a walking office already, :) not mentioning some personal stuff like perfume, powder, mouthwash, and tissue paper.

  4. @cafe'mobility: haha, nice, if i had my own netbook already, i'd be bringing that with me as well everyday along with other accessories. And yes you are a walking office already, I'm slowly becoming a gadget freak too ^_^

  5. And you make me carry ALL THIS STUFF aside from my backpack everyday?! O___o

  6. @Dio Brando: hey, not everytime, lol! wuv you babe ^_^

  7. @kitten wow! you bring a ton of makeup with you! i hate bringing lots of makeup in my bag that's why i stick to basics. hmmm.. i think i'm going to make a post about this.

    @cafemobility - now I know why you are called cafemobility!! haha! you even bring your passport?! aren't you afraid that it might get lost or something? super hassle to get a replacement. you need like 10 papers.

    @diobrando - now you know! haha!!! i really laughed at your comment!

  8. @Lady E: yeah, I do. That would be nice, looking forward for it and curious as well, hehe.

    Yes, it definitely fits his blog name, lots of gadgets.

    LOLS! Ako rin natawa, haha.

  9. i have a friend also who used to bring soooo many cosmetics in her bag, until the time that i call her manicurista or beautician. :) not that there's something wrong with that, some people have to be superprepared when they go out of the house, and just like what KC Concepcion said in her commercial, "you never know who you ran into." better prepared than perish.

  10. @cafe'mobility: see? see? we so think a like, same goes for me, better prepared than perish. And I don't want to leave them, not unless it's my own house already.


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