Thursday, November 18, 2010

Product review: Lip ice sheer color and gloss


     The first time I saw this was at Phoebe ann’s site, but when my friend Lady E, seriously hoarded Lip ice products now I wanted to buy /  hoard too. But I think Lady E hoarded more products than I did, see here.

      Now on to the review.. The sheer color and the candy gloss


     First is the sheer color:

      I’ve always loved lip balms which has color in them and when this product came out, I knew I had to try it.


     There are 2 kind of lip ice sheer color, the one I bought is the strawberry flavored. The other kind is the unscented.

      Actual product looks like this:

DSCN0374 DSCN0378


  •  It does give you the stain lip color as promised
  •   inexpensive P129 at Watson’s – I bought mine at Watson’s mega mall.
  •   personally, I don’t find it too waxy. Just right.
  •   love the strawberry scent – not over powering.


  • It says, Mentholatum but it didn’t really have any cooling effect for me. Maybe it’s just me, I’m not sure.


   Lip ice – Gloss…

     DSCN0385 DSCN0388                                                         Squeeze tube

  I bought the candy apple, the darker pink shade to be safe and I think the price is the same, correct me if I’m wrong.


  •  Inexpensive


  • Too oily
  • doesn’t show the color that much

    Personally, yes it is oily when you put too much, so I think you just need a little for that extra shine for the perfect pouty lips.

    Below are swatches


swatch-lip ice

          The one at the left is the sheer color and the right the candy apple gloss


       Over all, I think it’s still a good product, even teens can use this. I’d definitely buy the sheer gloss again, I love how it makes my lips look  naturally pink ;) At least after eating, I can just use this, instead of retouching my lipstick.

My Verdict: 3/5 kikay points


  Which lip ice products are your favorites?


Till then!




  1. I think un lipglss dapat ilagay mo sa ref para hindi siya masyadong oily kasi we have such a humid weather. Parang Kiehl's ganun din pag hindi siya malamig too oily din.
    Hope this help!

  2. @MrsMartinez: why didn't I think of that? thanks for the tip, will do that now.

  3. @MrsMartinez Thank you for that tip!

    @Kitten Hindi naman ako masyadong naghaul, medyo lang! Hahaha! I didn't know that the sheer color had 2 variants!

  4. @Lady E: In denial kaaaaa~ hahaha. Sige you didn't haul but hoarded instead, hehehe. Yes it does, isa unscented isa the one we both got.


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