Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food review: Kenny roger’s roasted chicken salad


   Hey there readers! Happy Wednesday! What are you all having for dinner or rather what did you have for dinner? Here’s mine.

DSCN0378                                                        Regular: P105



      The chicken part they use was not something I’d usually get, but this was really moist, I loved it! My chicken was served fresh and hot which was good. I tried the Italian dressing for a change, I was expecting some kind of vinaigrette but it was like thousand island dressing of some sort. If I knew it would be like that, I should’ve sticked with the ceasar dressing. Well, at least now I know.

       I was hungry, but didn’t want to eat carbs for tonight, that’s why I opted for the salad instead. And to wash it down I had a caramel coffee based frappuccino, yeah talk about not eating carbs but drinking calories huh? hahaha. Tall lang naman eh! LOL!

DSCN0383                                                                        P155

    My favorite part about frappuccino is this

DSCN0384                                               Whipped cream~ mmmmm


     Till then!




  1. hahaha... kala ko diet na, but the whip cream of frap contains so much fat and calories. :)

    i remember my colleagues at work luanched his diet program. he didn't eat rice, but devoured the entire wheat bread pack.

    the last time i went on a diet too, nagpapabuyo din ako the next day on an eat-all-you-can resto. :)

  2. My favorite is coffee jelly!!

  3. Magkakasundo tlga tayo sis! There are times when I don't want to eat rice too and a simple salad would suffice.

    @cafemobility would you like to hire me as your chef? Harharhar!

  4. my fave starbucks drink is the Dark Cherry Mocha. but i don't know if they still have it.

  5. @john: hahaha, what diet? yeah it does. My diet is a on and off thing, very bad.

    @MrsM: i like coffee jelly too

    @Lady E: ay sobra sis! we sure have a lot of things in common, hehehe.

    @john: i think they don't have it, didn't see it in the menu when i was there, or depends on the branch maybe.

  6. Oooohh.. I like dark cherry mocha too! They had it last year and that's all I had for the whole december-january just to get that darned organizer for MB which he used "only for display purposes"


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