Friday, August 05, 2011

Take a breather: Free roasted coffee courtesy of Mcdonald’s


    I started drinking coffee during my thesis days and currently up to date. It wakes me up when I need to, and it’s a MUST during breakfast. Mcdonald’s is offering FREE! yes free roasted coffee from August 8-12, 4:00AM to 10:30AM!

    Head on to their facebook page on how to avail of their free coffee.

McCAFE Free Coffee eDM Left


    Thank you Nuffnag for the heads up~


     Till then!




  1. kate i also received this in my email. should we blog about it? LOL! sorry lost nanaman ako. :X

  2. hey sugar, it doesn't say so naman, I just blogged about it. Para lang ma share sa ibang friends ko, hehe~

  3. I should blog about it hahaha


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