Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Delayed haul post with pictures


  As promised here are the delayed pictures of my hauls.

    DSCN0390    The large watson’s plastic bag are basic needs, like feminine wash and other stuff so I won’t be showing that anymore.

 DSCN0391    Inside of one of the Sophie bags is this. Yes I am now a member for now It’s for personal use, since I’m eyeing on so many bags. Eventually, I plan to make a business out of it.

DSCN0392                     Catalogs, membership card, some freebies everything PINK!  

   Inside the other Sophie bag…




DSCN0412   The quality of the leather is really lovely. The bag is quite big, perfect for weekends and specially for my Tagaytay trip for December. I’m eyeing another bag from Sophie, can’t wait to buy it on the 30th!    

   Now onto the small watson’s bag..

DSCN0394   E! I bought na rin oh?! hehehe. 2 of each and a In2It powder, review soon.

DSCN0406                                                     And a few sachets of these.

  I bought a few things from Etude House too…



DSCN0403   DSCN0401

       I wanted to buy the Dr. Oil foundation powder, but everytime I go there they keep saying that they don’t have stocks. So I asked this time why, SA said they don’t know, that it’s been 4 months since they don’t have that product.



      Since I purchased more than 500 pesos at Etude, I got a free membership card. Though, I’m not sure about the make-up except for the concealer, will probably try that Baking powder thing for the face. 


     That’s about it! Will post reviews about it soon.


   Till then!




  1. #1 Bakit ang ganda na ng tote ng Sophie??? And the pouch too! I'm a member too but I did it for work-related purposes. Back then the tote was just pink with the Sophie logo and the pouch was plastic with a zipper! Ang daya!

    #2 I heart your bag! Based on your pictures, the quality has improved a lot! When my friend and I went there, we examined all their products and were dismayed. The quality sucked! The zippers were loose, the thread were loose and even the leather/glue were peeling!

    #3 Hooray for Lip Ice addicts!!

    #4 Please make a review of the masks. Pretty please!

    #5 I want to buy that concealer too!

    #6 We both have the Sophie and EH cards!

    #7 Now I want to go shopping at Etude House again!

  2. @Lady E:
    #1 HAHAHA! Hindi ko alam, but most probably they leveled up the quality. The store is really nice.

    #2 Awww, thanks. My friend has a sophie bag too, and It is really nice sobra. If that's the case, then that's definitely good. I checked the store and looked at all the products from bags, wallets, even clothes, everything was in good shape and quality. Even the leather jacket for men. Really impressive. When were you a member?

    #3 APIR!!! Lip ice addicts. Review soon.

    #4 for the etude masks, will sure do ;)

    #5: buy it na! I saw you have the stick concealer, I prefer the cream type. I love the price too!


    #7 Me too eh, I'm curious about the baking soda thing.

  3. I think I had the membership in June of this year. Yeah, I'm curious about that baking soda thing too.

  4. @E: yeah, I saw what you mean na about your kind of membership, mas upgraded yung ngayon. I saw the baking soda is for cleansing deep pores something, i want to buy the whole set. hehehe.


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