Thursday, December 01, 2011

Food tripping, Hobbies and Pets


It’s the first day of December! And even if it’s a little bit hot, I’m feeling the Christmas spirit more and more.

Yesterday, spent food tripping with my man and boy, it was one food trip that I never ever want to do again. We had late brunch at Mang Inasal, both ordered the Spicy paa which was as usual, rockin’ good! We met around 10am, as our agenda that morning was to decorate his office along with the bosses sister Maita (the designer and dog lover). She owns Baby Moon Lifestyle and Baby Moon for Pets,  frequents at Hobbes and Land, Bonifacio High Street.


  Anyway, after decorating, Martin and I drove to Glorietta to first buy his toys (men and their toys), and watch Happy feet 2. He did mention though that, The Adventures of Tin Tin got good reviews, but I was up for a simple feel good, laugh trip mood that day. So while waiting for the movie, we grabbed a bite at Burger King. I don’t know why I chose the Crispy chicken burger. I ended up taking out the bread and munching the chicken like nuggets, along with my disappointing onion rings.

2011-11-30 15.19.18

2011-11-30 15.18.45

2011-11-30 15.17.59

2011-11-30 15.33.52

2011-11-30 15.26.28

  For some reason, their onion rings tastes different. The chewy kind of different, weird I know. But that’s how I can best describe their onion rings.

2011-11-30 15.26.12

Still, it was filling so we needed to walk it off and visited some stores before heading for our movie. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Holiday or it’s the Christmas shopping rush, there were a lot of people in the mall yesterday.

  I took a photo of the stall were currently, has been having long lines. The tea craze!

2011-11-30 15.37.37

                                                                                    GONG CHA 

  A movie is never without some munchies, we had our usual BBQ flavored popcorn from taters, along with ice tea to wash it down.

2011-11-30 16.38.17

2011-11-30 16.47.08 

  For dinner, we went for Korean at Mr. Kimbob for Bibimbap and tried out their Tukbogi (rice cakes).



The rice cakes was a disappoint, it was too flimsy. I’ve tasted real korean rice kimchi cakes way back and this doesn’t compare.  

We both had too much to eat, the Bibimbap over did it. We rarely do this these days so it was still a treat for us.

   And for the kid in my man, a sneak peek of what he bought..

2011-11-30 15.11.51

A funny looking rabbit at Bio research

2011-11-30 16.28.36  

  And here’s the new model for Knick Knacks


  Vain shots please….





  Till then!






  1. @pinkcookies: yep!

    @lady stapler: i sure hope he is~

  2. masarap ba bibimbop? and MB bought a water gun? or was it?


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