Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Food review: Brother’s Burger


   Delayed food review..

   So with my haul, which was 2 days ago (Monday), the BF and I met for dinner at Megamall. To avail of the 50% off Brothers burger promo.

   By the time we met, I was already tired because I first met up with my friend C, It was my first time to meet her mom and brother, and we all went shopping together, they were soo nice. Which is why I was tired and didn’t bother taking pictures outside the brothers joint.

   BF had the promo, I had the philly cheese steak. On the side we ordered chili fries, onion rings and 2 kinds of dip – blue cheese and cream cheese.

DSCN0378      The onion rings were huuge and was really good. I forgot how much the price was, sorry.

DSCN0381                                                        Chili fries P165

        The jalapenos were no joke, it was spicy and I love it! I love spicy foods.  It was okay though, too pricey I think, but satisfying enough.

DSCN0379                                                 Blue cheese dip P55

        I think cheese like these,  needs an acquired taste, as for me I love blue cheese, I think this would go well with fries instead of onion rings though.

DSCN0382                                      My order: Philly cheese steak


     Philly cheese steak with cream cheese dressing, slices of smoky beef with sweet onions. It was weird though that the cheese they used was cream cheese, normally, it should be cheddar cheese.

     BF was actually jealous with my order, haha. This was really huge, I couldn’t finish mine. Wasn’t even able to take a picture of his order, we were that starving already.

   Our total bill cost us P657, I was surprised and as I paid at the cashier, told the BF this better be good! And it is! I was definitely satisfied with what I ordered, it was money well spent. But definitely will stay away from burgers for a long time. We were so full, it was over whelming (in a good way). Next time, I want to try the rice topping thing they have now. But if ever we do eat there again, I’ll be having the same cheese steak.

    I took a bite of the BF’s order, wasn’t impressed, I liked mine better.

   Speaking of which, back in the days when I was young, really young. Somewhere in Reposo now called Nicanor Garcia, there used to be a good place for cheese steak, near the Grace Lagman salon. They closed after a while, but I remember it was a rave back then. I miss it.

      Our first time at Brother’s burger didn’t leave me disappointed at all. Although, I wished they serve more variety of sodas. There were only 2 choices, which were coke and sarsi. I was craving for mountain dew that time. I think greasy food really goes best with carbonated drinks, haha.

   In conclusion what makes this join a rant or rave:


  •   Burgers are really huge so are the fries and onion rings
  •    Loved the blue cheese dips
  •    The philly cheese steak was flavorful, and didn’t skimp on the beef either.


  • They don’t serve their burgers in meals or combo’s, you’d have to order everything separately.
  •   There should be more choices of sodas – or maybe it was just the branch


   Over all: 4/5 spoons.


    2 happy and full couple after dinner


     Till then!




  1. I love onion rings! And yes bleu cheese is an acquired taste. I tried the rice topping, the burger steak to be exact. It was okay for its price. Nothing spectacular.

  2. speaking burgers, have you tried Army Navy at Tagaytay? Elbert Cheesesteak at Rockwell? Brgr Project at Maginhawa St? Myron's Place at Greenbelt 5? Charlie's at Pasig and Ortigas?

  3. @Lady E: SEE? Pareho na naman tayo ng love, hehe. M didn't like blue cheese, sabi ko, masarap kaya, it's aged cheese with amag. Then he said, so kumakain ka ng amag. WTF! Nyahahahahaha. Pasway.

    I see, I think Brother's is good, good lang talaga, not the wow kind.

    @cafe'mobility: Of all the restaurants you've mentioned, none. haha.

  4. @cafemobility There's an Army Navy at Glorietta 5. MB said the burger is good. I ate the chicken. Di masarap. The fries are good but spicy. I'll try the burgers soon. Elbert and Myron's are so mahalia. Hahaha!

    @Kitten ako naman, APIR!

  5. @LadyE: there are two elbert's ha, one is a steakhouse at sagittarius bldg legaspi, the other is a shop at rockwell. yung burger sa steakhouse nila is mahalia(heheh), but the one at rockwell is ok.

    @katey: you should try at least Charlie's or BRGR Project. other burger places that i haven't tried yet are: Mr. Jones and Murray & D’Vine.

  6. @john: will put those in my list then, thanks ^_^

    @MrsMartinez: same here, love it!

  7. @cafemobility Yes, I was referring to the one in Powerplant. Or maybe I'm just kuripot! I've tried Mr. Jones but not the burger. Didn't like it. Too salty

  8. the plain burger alone is enough to make me full :D my sis loves their ice cream sandwich!


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