Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food talk: Battle of the white pizza~


  I am a fan/ lover of pizza, specially white pizza or quattro formaggi. And so this post is about the battle of the white pizza.



  Every payday M and I indulge ourselves too good food, and every time we eat at an Italian restaurant or Pizza joint, we always try their quattro formaggi, to compare which has the best (in our taste) pizza. So, we’ve tried a couple from different places and here’s a run down.

   First up is: Pizza hut 6 or 7 Ultimate cheese pizza

pizza hut

  The name was enticing, it sounds like bursting with different flavors of cheeses and who can go wrong with Pizza hut right? When I want bready pizza, I go to Pizza hut.

    M and I was disappointed with this ( or maybe because we had high expectations, but hey can you blame us? )  It tasted more like a 2 cheese pizza to me, mozzarella and mild cheddar. But it was still worth trying if you haven’t had their ultimate cheese yet.


   Second: Joey Pepperoni’s – Quattro Formaggi

joey pepperoni

   It’s been a while since M and I ate here. Their Quattro was really divine, thin crispy crust with cheddary cheese (and it’s not the umay kind) but very filling. I highly recommend you try this.


   Third: Piadina’s – Quattro Formaggi


   Piadina’s version was different, it had a thin layer of white cheese topped with parsley. Very light and creamy, it’s hard to compare which is best between Joey’s and Piadina, I love them both. I’d definitely order this again and again when we get the chance to go back to Piadina.


   Last but not the least: Carlo’s Pizza

carlos pizza

   We were able to try Carlos during our Tagaytay trip last year with our friends.  My eyes lit when I saw in their menu description: blue cheese. It wasn’t completely covered with blue cheese, just the right amount to tickle your senses. The crust was a little bit chewy but still crispy. The prices of Carlos are a pit pricey compared to Joeys and Piadina.

  Joey’s is affordable, Piadina is slightly affordable, Carlos is a little bit pricey. I remember their Calamri costs P200+ with only a few pieces of calamri, good for 2 persons or just 1 if you’re really hungry or just love calamri that much. The one at Red lemon grill, the restaurant in the hotel we stayed in is cheaper, tastes the same and more calamri’s to munch on.


  So, my verdict? among the 4 we’ve tried, which reins the BEST of them all??!







carlos pizza


   The blue cheese won my heart, and even M liked it too~ it’s a winner! and a must try if you haven’t. I’m sure there are better quattro’s out there, but among we’ve tried, this is the best! If I remember it right, they have a branch at at SM MOA.


   Any fans of white cheese pizza? any recommendations? would love to hear them



  Till then!





  1. I love Joey Pepperoni's! :) I miss eating there. :) I only get to eat there when I drop by my lola's house 'coz its pretty near her place. :)

    awesome review! ok, i'm really hungry na.LOL what can i say, i'm a small girl with a big appetite. LOL

    twitter @pastelbjacket

  2. oh my... i was craving for pizza even before i could finish reading this entry! hahaha
    among the four, joey pepp's seems most accessible for us.. so we might try this one first. thanks for the recomm.

  3. I like Piadina's and Sbarro's white pizza!

  4. @makeup hauls and anything under the sun: thanks~ lucky you that your a small person with big appetite.

    @pammy: me too~

    @Gita: haha, let me know if you like it.

    @lady e: PIADINAA! sarap ng veggie pasta nila. I haven't tried sbarro's white pizza, try ko next time.

    @ahne: PIADINAAAA~ LOL!

  5. have you tried the white pizza of Brooklyn?

  6. for pizza, i like D'Marks before, and Brooklyn, and recently Papa John, my brand of course. :)

  7. @john: i have ok din siya, but i wasn't able to take a picture of it.

    talagang sayo ha? hehehehe.

  8. I'm not really a fan ... but I might give this a shot. :)

  9. The white pie at CPK is a tad pricey, but it's worth every cent!


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