Monday, June 04, 2012

Product review: Snoe White extra strength glutathione bar


Hello dear readers! Finally, I was able to finish my SNOE soap and here’s what I think about the product.



Some people are comfortable with their own skin, while others prefer whitening products (like me). Doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not comfortable in my own.

I’ve been externally using “whitening” products ever since and I’m pretty much happy with some of the products I’ve been using. Frankly, it doesn’t whiten my complexion entirely but it helps control the melanin pigment that makes my skin dark. Especially when exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

Product test:

Having used this product continuously, along with a whitening lotion (Silka green papaya) I could fairly say that this product works. It helped maintain an even skin tone. Upon my first time using it, I did not experience any prickly sensation. But after my fifth or sixth time of using it, I did experience some tingling.

I also experimented using this soap on my face and the prickly sensation is a little bit painful compared to the body. I  stopped using it on my face after.


The soap lathers up really well and according to the instructions, you must leave it on for 2 minutes on your body.

It lathers well but the suds subsides, needing continuous rubbing.

The bar easily melts though, so it can pretty much last 2 weeks and a few days.

My only beef about this product is that it leaves no scent at all. Other than that, for it’s whitening purpose, it works pretty well, just keep in mind to wear sunblock or whitening lotion with SPF. 


Anyone of you ladies have tried this soap? share your experiences okay?


Till then!





  1.  i'd like to try snoe beauty stuff but I cant seem to get the time to buy one. Great review and it really made me want to try this one out! :P

  2. Hey thanks, I hope you get to try their products. Will look forward for your review about it :)


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