Saturday, September 25, 2010

To a healthier me project + Hello kitty band aid find


   It’s the end of the week and for the healthier me project seems to be doing fine, though I was tempted to buy a monster Rockin’ ruby (I always do) when I went out to buy some stuff earlier. I was thinking of having a cheat day once a week, I don’t want to deprive myself of the good stuff, (good food) but no more chips, that’s what I am totally avoiding now. I bought the fitness cereal with fruit in place of chips and some yogurt and I also bought the listerine vanilla mouthwash


Image1351                                        Listerine Vanilla mint mouthwash 

     The picture looks a little blurry because I forgot it was still in the plastic bag with the goodies when I put it in the fridge. This came out a month ago I think, maybe I just got curious when I passed by the toiletries section of how it would taste, will try it out tomorrow morning. This cost around P49.75 at Shopwise Makati.

      I was so tempted to buy this earlier because, well because it’s a:

Image1347                                            Hello Kitty band aid for P144.75

    Too cute and I saw the designs and it sure is pretty, but then again for the price it’s way too much but maybe next time? I know BF will get mad since we’re saving for something special for Christmas.

      Resisting temptation ain’t easy I tell you, well for someone who is trying to loose weight that is. Yes, I still eat rice but I limit it to one cup only no more seconds. One thing for sure is, I can’t take rice away in my diet, it’s a staple in my body XD

      Well, it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon folks, hope you are all doing well.

Till then!



  1. Wow! I'm inspired to get back to my cereal and yogurt diet! ;)

  2. @Lady Mitchelli: Lols, thanks. Well, you look fit already. hehe.

  3. That Hello Kitty band-aid box is sooo cute. :-) and thanks for visiting our blog.

  4. @Sakie and Thomas Gantz: It is, even the designs are soo cute. I always love your posts. Will you be coming back to Japan?


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