Monday, October 18, 2010

Kaya Express - our first time


   Decided to post it as well, since I am not sure If I have time to post this next weekday.

   During my date with the BF last Saturday, we were thinking of where to eat for dinner, I first recommended him to eat at Kaya and looking at their menu he was impressed, also because of the prices as well. But before we went there we bought his toys first at Toy Kingdom, well hey, boys will be boys right? So we bought his toys, looked around through some stores and damn, Megamall sure was jampacked, it was HOT and there were lots of people because of the SALE, the bag at EGG was tempting to buy since it was only P600 but I refrained, well if I did I’d go broke and I’m saving a lot for the holidays. Before buying BF decided to open an account at BPI and it was a pleasant experience, If I opened an account at BPI I’d definitely RAVE about it too, but I’m tied with BDO already so yeah, I was really jealous with how the people at BPI assisted my BF. If you’re curious on how we went through about it, read on at BF's blog. Oh and thanks sweetie for my Supplementary Credit card, will have to wait for 2-3 weeks for that.

  Anyways, on to dinner, we were almost tired as going through place, even falling in line in the restroom was looooong, our feet got tired and we were about to eat AGAIN at Shakey’s but told him, let’s try something new hun, just a few more steps away from Kaya. I forgot which floor was it, sorry. So enough babbling and here are pictures XD


     We ordered BIBIMBAP in hot stove, radish kimchi, bottomless ice tea, Dweji bulgogi, Steak beef

DSCN0072                                        Kaktugi – radish cube kimchi P35

DSCN0073           Soup, which I think comes free – very light and I like the taste

DSCN0074                                                        Dolsot Bibimbap 

      Rice topped with assorted veggies and egg in a hot stone bowl P205

DSCN0077    This is how it would look like when mixed, it comes with a chili paste which the waitress mixed for me. The waitress said an interesting comment while she was mixing my Bibimbap but I’ll make a separate post on that.

  DSCN0075                     Dweji Bulgogi – pan grilled marinated pork strips P175

       This arrived at our table sizzling H-O-T! As well as my Bibimbap, the waitress offered to cut this into bite-sized pieces. They were actually very attentive, maybe because I told her that I am a blogger. As for this order, it was not spicy at all but BF and I loved this a lot! It was really yummy but more on the sweet side.

DSCN0078                            BF’s order ~ Steak beef, I think this one is new P220

       This was really yummy, the steak was beefy and the portion size was not bad at all. I tried it and I’d have to agree with the BF, he say’s he’ll definitely go back and order the same food, haha. I also liked the coleslaw something. This actually came with fried dilis on top of the rice but BF asked to have it removed (arte) haha. He also tried my bibimbap and he loved it as well. He said, thanks hun for bringing me to this place, I am definitely not disappointed. He was happy ^_^

DSCN0083                                                Bottomless ice tea  P67 each

     BF took a picture of this, I find it cute actually. XD So for our total bill it only cost us P754. What’s good is that there were not much people inside the restaurant. Waiters were nice and attentive. Our first Kaya Express experience! We will definitely go back, hmmm, I seem to be craving for the Bibimbap again, haha. It was good!

      BF requested to the waiter to write the complete name of the food which we ordered, and I was expecting it to be just written behind the receipt, when they came back I was surprised that they had the menu photo copied for us.

     My rating: 4/5 spoons. It would’ve been great if their side dishes were free, just like a real Korean restaurant where my mom use to eat at somewhere at Makati ave. But overall! I’d definitely recommend you guys to eat here.

 *All photos were taken with my new NIKON L21, really loving the quality of the pictures


Till then!




  1. I love Kaya! I've been itching to try the bibimbap but for some reason, we always end up ordering the beef stew every time we're there. But their food is okay no? The price is better now too. I think I'll try the stuff you ordered next time

  2. @Lady E: Same here, we definitely enjoyed our first time there and will be going back. Yeah, it's pretty good and the prices are surprisingly fair. Next time we'll order the beef stew naman and Bibimbap again! yummmy!


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