Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That time of month: Solution?


  It’s that time of month again and what did I have? My solution…


   M and I bought this at 711 for P160+, it was so good, but I wished there were more peanut parts than the chocolate. I hope they make this stay for a looong time, I love REESE!


   For ladies out there, what do you usually eat or do when it’s that time of month? hehe.


  Till then!




  1. Chocolates. Coz if not, I get all pissy. Kawawa naman the people around me. LOL

  2. I usually crave for chicken (weird) and chocolates. And I must have that sweet/salty taste no matter what!

  3. @Lady e: chicken? haha, weird nga. each to her own weirdness when it comes to that. I noticed chocolates are a staple for most women. hehe

  4. yeah, fried chicken. any kind of chicken. but usually it's fried. or japanese food

  5. waaah! Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream rocks!

    (But at that time of the month, I crave two things: dark chocolate and even darker Cerveza Negra. It helps with the cramps.)

  6. Advil. lots of it. kidding. chocolates work for me.

  7. ok na sa akin to paglibre ni katey dearie. wala pa naman kaseng ben&Jerry's at Baskin-Robbins sa pinas eh.

    what's you fave ice cream ba. have you tried Sebastian's? or Ice Cream Bar(powered by FIC)?

  8. @john ray: sige libre kita ng dirty ice cream.

    My fave? the one and only strawberry ice cream or RED MANGOOOO~ XD hahaha!

    I haven't tried sebastian's but I was told it was good. Di ko na abutan ang Yakult ice cream nila.

  9. @John: Ben & Jerry's is available at S&R. I saw Baskin a few years ago. Can't remember where.

    Oh, di lilibre mo kami ni Katey ng Ben & Jerry's? S&R member ako!

  10. @john and lady e: oh ayan john, meron palang ben and jerry's sa S&R, Tara na?


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