Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday was a happy day for me


Because the first post crashed because of me trying to upload the video, will try to post that next time when I have figured it out. Anyways, Monday was a happy day for me because of my bonus and so I went shopping.


   Will reveal what’s inside the plastic bags tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure Lady E has an idea already of one of the things I bought ;)


   I got 2 membership cards for the day and it’s both pink! My favorite color! Yes, I gave in to the Sophie, but their terms and advantages are too good, I would be an idiot if I passed it up, besides, I am very much impressed with the quality of the shoes, bag and clothes. For now, it will be for my personal use, but eventually, I plan to make  a business out of it.

   For the Etude membership card, I purchased around P600+ and I got this one for free. Will post more on what happened yesterday.


That’s all for now, do watch out for the revealing of my hauls tomorrow okay?


Till then!




  1. NAKAKAINIS NAMAN TONG BABAENG TO!!! MAMBITIN BA RAW????? ATAT NA ATAT NA KAYA AKONG MAKITA! i even clapped when I saw the plastic bags tapos yun na yun???

  2. @Lady E: That's the plan actually! hahahaha. Was busy rin kasi eh, I promise to do it tonight ;) LOLS!


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