Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tech talk: Zagg Invisible shield

Non beauty or food related… For gadget geeks

Was at Megamall earlier, met with the BF for dinner at Brothers Burger, which will be my upcoming post. For today, let me share you what every gadget geeks, or owners should have. The Zagg – invisible shield. The BF bought a pair for his Nintendo DSiXL’s screen.

Zagg is the best by far for screen protectors, our friend stressed test it, using a key or a coin by scratching the screen with force and results? No scratch at all. Of course, this ain’t cheap either, prices depend on different gadgets. For the BF’s DSi XL, it cost him P800 pesos a pair. We asked how much it would cost for a whole body protection for the Itouch and they said it costs around P1500, not bad for the quality really.

  You can find this kiosk at the Cyberzone 4th or 5th level of Megamall

  And here’s a video sample (courtesy of me, using the NIKON L21 digital camera) of how they do their magic. They use a special liquid for gadgets, assuring that it won’t destroy your gadget.

I just posted this video as is, no editing, so really sorry about the noise.

I am actually saving an Itouch for the BF for next year, so mine will have to wait, not unless there’s a really nice Santa that will gift me a 16gb Itouch gen 4, you will definitely end my year with a bang! haha! And I will truly be grateful and take care of it with so much love (eee, I sound so geeky now)

Btw, we had to wait for 3 weeks before he could get his order, it was good timing that at the 3rd week we were here at Megamall. Also, there is a curing time before you can actually use your gadgets, I'm not sure if it's the same with all gadgets, but we were advised to let it cure for 24 hours, then there was some type of white plastic that was left inside in between the DSi XL, after 24 hours, they told us not to use it for an additional 3 more days.

Till then!



  1. that looks interesting but pricey! ok na ko sa tig 100 na screen protector! hahaha!

  2. i was mulling over having my iPhone either Gmasked or Shielded but i surmise other slim-fit cases wouldn't snugly fit anymore.

    i had my Acer Gmasked before, and i noticed they used cutters to aid in fitting the wrap up. scary for people who are OC on their gadgets. i am not sure how it will be done with Shield. as far as i can see, they can pre-cut plastics available for almost any gadgets.

    none of my gadgets are Shielded but they still look spanking new. no scratches. i only use Microfiber cloth to wipe the smudges. i don't even touch my laptop screen. hehehe. i took care of them so much.

  3. @Lady E: It is pricey, too pricey in fact. Magaling lang talaga siguro sila mag PR specially when you watch the adverstising sa kiosk nila, haha. I say it's a good investment.

    @Cafe'mobility: the shield case is very thin naman, I don't really like gmask, or putting laptop skins on my laptop even if it's a hello kitty sticker, I find it too dirty.

    Of course, I'm pretty sure they are all so squeeky clean and shiny. I can't wait to have my own babies soon. I'm investing or rather saving for a laptop preferably net book and an Itouch gen4

  4. @Kitten Me too! Parang ang dirty tingnan.

    @cafemobility admit it! you're OC too! hahaha!

  5. @Lady E: Yeah, it is. and yup he is OC with his babies (gadgets). hehehe.


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