Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Food review: Red Lemon Grill at Tagaytay


   For our dinner, here’s what we had…

164861_1651482819727_1616721377_1520273_1006410_n                                                                Bulalo 

        The broth was good and the beef was soft, unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the pot. Price was reasonable, I just forgot the exact price –sorry.

148231_1651480939680_1616721377_1520271_8334916_n                                                    Cordon Bleu

     The Cordon bleu came with gravy, the gravy was tasty and the Cordon itself was really soft. Price was reasonable too.

165082_1651480659673_1616721377_1520270_2253486_n   *photos were taken by BF, the food setting in my NIKON L21 doesn’t seem to look good with their lighting, I don’t know why.

   The only price that I remember is the blended ice tea, it costs P60 or P65 pesos, now I only wish they had bottomless ice tea. It was really good. On the side we also ordered their calamares, the dip that came with it was yummy too and it costs below P200 and had more pieces of calamri compared to Carlos pizza. Definitely a must order in my opinion.


     We were actually surprised, the food was really good, we were the first customers that night and other customers came along. Buena mano? haha.

  My Verdict: 5/5 spoons for the cordon bleu and calamari

  It wasn’t extraordinary, but it was tasty and reasonably priced.

3.5/5 spoons for the Bulalo

5/5 for blended ice tea


Will we go back? Definitely! yes! now only if we have a car, hehe.


  Till then!




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