Friday, December 31, 2010

Food review: Teriyaki boy + dinner date

   Before heading for work yesterday, I watched Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at home episode at TLC (Travel and living channel) his tuna recipe looked so yummy it made me crave, those ruby colored tuna made me salivate. Yes, I love Japanese food, specially raw fish just not the sea urchin and octopus.
     Anyway, so for dinner yesterday, I met up with the BF to have a dinner date, we were supposed to have dinner at Le Couer, but then I remembered they have Teriyaki boy at Alpha land. Below are pictures of what we had:


Right after this photo, my camera shut down  

For appetizer
163978_1660548886373_1616721377_1541497_565514_n                                             Salmon sushi 195
   166672_1660549446387_1616721377_1541499_1635556_n                                                 Yakisoba
167640_1660544126254_1616721377_1541477_7006773_n                         Dynamite maki 
    The salmon sushi was yummy, the yakisoba noodles looked like instant noodles, but doesn’t taste like instant noodles at all. It was pretty good and was served hot at the table, I just forgot the price.
      The dynamite maki was freakingly SPICY, I love spicy but not for maki’s, even the sauce that came with , I didn’t like at all, it empowers the taste of the tuna. We weren’t able to finish the whole order of the maki. We are so not ordering this again.
“Main course”
164162_1660548206356_1616721377_1541495_6251621_n                                        Ika fry P200+

165223_1660548486363_1616721377_1541496_7079166_n                                                  Tonkatsu curry
 BF and I ordered the curry fry, the servings were huge. My order was the Ika fry, tasted like usual fried squid, but at least it was good, the curry sauce was yummy. I can tell the BF liked his order too since he finished the whole bowl.

And for the dessert

 Curts Yogurt
                                   BF’s order –yogurt with everything chocolate

167239_1660550366410_1616721377_1541505_4173675_n                                 My order – candy coated chocolate and blueberry toppings
   I loved the yogurt, total costs P247 for just a regular sized one. But that was because BF ordered the special toppings, I had the regular which was 20 toppings each. The regular sized cup costs P78. BF only ate the toppings, which made me happy since I had more yogurt ice cream, yum~ thanks babe ;)
Our total bill for the food was P1,100

What can I say about Teriyaki boy?
The servings were quite huge, so for the price maybe it was worth it. Their rice is definitely not authentic japanese rice, what I like about the place is that, there’s many choices to choose from. The curry ika fry was yummy, I know I ate something similar to that in Rai Rai Ken. The prices seemed similar too.
My verdict? 3.3/5 spoons – definitely going back for the ika fry

*all photos were taken by BF with his Samsung ES30, my camera’s battery finally got exhausted (drained).

date                                                       2 happy and full couple  - burps~

  Till then!



  1. speakihng of japanese, have you tried any japanese retos at Little Tokyo? been there couple of times and they never fail, authentic japanese cuisine brewing.

  2. @John: we actually plan to go there soon, I've been reading good reads about Little tokyo.

  3. Oh, ze bangs! How I love ze bangs!

    Teriyaki boy is good, cheap Japanese Food!

  4. @Lady E: haha, thanks. Yeah, the BF and his family tried the philly cheese steak maki it's good daw.


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