Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beauty talk: Facial cleansers –New Garnier Brightening oil control scrub


  I’m a sucker for Oil control facial cleansers, the clean and clear works fine actually, but then I saw a new line from garnier made specially for oily faced ladies like me and I couldn’t resist buying.  I was actually happy when I saw sachets, so I could test it out first.




    The sachets costs P6.25 (something like that).

  It says: brightening oil control scrub, instant action on oil and dirt, for oily skin

   The product is actually really creamy, it sort of smells like the heat mask of garnier, but just a subtle smell of it. I think you only need a little since it really foams up.


    I don’t know but, the brightening promise did work upon the first wash. It does look  brightened to me, hehe.

DSCN1547     This is how my face looks like with no make-up. See how white it looks? maybe it’s the brightening effect.



  • What’s good here in the Philippines is that, we have sachets, either for traveling or just to sample it out, unlike in the states where you can only buy bottles. Sachets are good!
  • the brightening effect – my face looked instantly brighter upon first wash
  • specially targeted for oily faced ladies – like me
  • I didn’t feel itchy after


  • the smell can be too overpowering for some
  • as for scrub – I didn’t feel any scrub beads at all
  • if you put too much, you’re face will feel tight after – which happened to me earlier, so a little goes a long way.

Will I repurchase? As soon as I finish my clean and clear, YES I will! I actually liked the brightening effect, so I’ll have to observe more on that.


  Till then!




  1. I think Garnier's brightening effect is panalo!

  2. dalawa lang yan, it's either makinis lang talag skin mo, or it has a miraculous effect. :)

  3. hi! nice review! ako rin.. pag naubos ko na clean&clear switch na ko sa garnier haha! winner ☺

  4. its really cheap and effective! makikita mo na result after one wish. nagdry tlga mga pimples ko.. :)

  5. its really cheap yet effective! makikita mo result after one wash, ngdry na mga pimples ko 1st time ko palang gamitin.. :)

  6. @anonynous: thanks

    @antot: but for oil control, not so much, with someone who is super oily faced like me. but it did have that brightening effect.


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