Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product review: NYX Lippies


  NYX Review…

   I won my NYX lippies courtesy of project vanity a long time ago, okay not that long really, just a few months. But it was only today, that I am able to do a swatch on these lippies. Most of my previous blog pictures were taken by my 2MP phone camera and making swatches won’t do justice to the product.



                                                 l-r: love angel, thalia 


swatch 2 

  Most people already have reviews about it, so I’ll just be basing on my experience with these two lippies.

   Before anything else, let me tell you a little something about myself, this won’t take long promise. ;)

  Way back when I was younger, I used to smoke, quite a lot actually. I started almost nearing high school, it was an on and off thing and it was only after I met the BF that I stopped, which was in College. We both use to smoke when we were still friends but when we were a couple already, like a few months after he asked me to stop already. It’s been 5 years already that I stopped smoking. Which is why my lips darkened a bit.

   Now on to the lippies ( see I told you it was short, hehe)

   Love Angel..

     It is a nice color actually, but when I applied it on my lips I find it too loud, it was a very light barbie pink tone. I think even If I put on a lip concealer it still won’t look good on me. Maybe it would look nice with ladies who has nice pink natural pinkish lips.

   Thalia ..

      For this lippie, I’m glad that this worked well on me. Though, I had to use a lip concealer for it. First time I used it, I looked like a living dead, haha. I don’t know it just looked pale and purple. But when I put on some lip concealer it looked natural.

  Good thing that I didn’t have to pay for it, or else I would’ve been totally disappointed with the Love Angel.

What makes this product a rant or rave:


  • I love the creamy texture
  • Pigmented


  •   Doesn’t last long
  • Buying online without swatching the color of the lippies can be a bit of a hassle (which is why I never ordered lippies online)


  Till then!




  1. Haven't tried any NYX products :| kinda like their lippy cause they offer wide variety of colors

  2. @Nadine Natalin: You should, there are so many colors to choose from, there's carefree shopper at multiply and digital traincase who sells NYX cosmetics.

  3. i still can't convince myself to buy NYX lipsticks as they don't last on your lips. good thing yours was for free!

  4. @Lady E: True, I like swatching the lippies on hand, and ordering online is a risk for me even if it is cheap. I'm glad to it was free.


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