Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A sad ending for 2010



Good morning readers, hope you are all doing okay and ready for 2011. Well, as much as I am looking forward for 2011, it saddens me that I have to end my 2010 painfully.  

    My brother is sick (serious condition) and my mom keeps blaming my 2 boys. This time she’s dead serious and now I am forced to REMOVE (yes that’s how heartless she is with her words) my cats :(

   I’ve been depressed for 2 days already, deep down.. Everyday, I have to put on a facade, just so nobody will notice, but every time I go home I’m depressed. I’ve posted a thread on a animal lovers site that I go to and I pray that I may find cat lovers who are looking for cats – beyond breed.

   After this incident, I don’t think I can afford to have cats for now, I hope I recover. Well, whatever. If only my cats can understand human language, I’d assure them that I love them very much and I will visit them as much as I can (depends on the new owner though).

sad cat1

   Till then!





  1. I hope your brother gets well soon and I hope you can find a new home for your boys. Don't worry, there are a lot of pet lovers out there. I would have gladly taken your cats but the condo I live in won't let us keep pets.

    Btw, I think my blog is already free from virus hehe. >o<" You can try dropping by if you have time.

    I hope 2011 will be a better year for you and for all of us. :3

  2. @sugar sugar: thanks, I appreciate it a lot. I hope so too, It's okay :)

    Really? that's great news, will visit now. Thanks for the heads up.

    Advanced happy new year to you,

  3. owww.... kakalungkot naman. i actually believe that humans have an unseen kinship with animals, as we are a higher form of them.

  4. speedy recovery for your brother, but don't you have any other option for your cats? like have them adopted by someone you know to be a cat lover so you can visit them often?

  5. @John: thanks, wala masyadong cat lovers, puro dogs, I'm hoping someone would reply in my thread though.

  6. OMG. I'm very sorry for you Kitten. Sniff.

    I hope your brother gets well now na so you don't have to let your cats go.

    How's Tabby and Piccolo? How's the adoption coming along? I'm very sorry I can't take them in (nine already).

    BTW, have you tried posting at the cat lovers thread at pinoyexchange? There are cats who get adopted there.

    Still finding the page where there was successful adption.

  7. successful adoption link:

    But I do hope Tabby and Piccolo remains with you.

  8. @salmoncat: Thanks, my boys are fine, just dreading the day when the new owner will get them. I found a new owner but she'll be able to get my boys mid february pa.

    I actually hope so too, thanks for the link.


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