Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food review: Day 2 at Carlos Pizza Tagaytay


   For our lunch on our day 2 vacation, BF and I ate again at Carlos Pizza, I enjoyed my pasta and pizza, BF only loved their pizza. Here’s what we had

DSCN1325                             Calamari P200+ with 2 kinds of dip

   I find it quite pricey, but it was really soft and the white dip, garlic something was really really good. It had a few pieces of calamari.

DSCN1328                                                        Bolognese

DSCN1335                                       Italian sausage pasta

     BF had the bolognese (as usual), I had the italian pasta. My order was okay, a little bit spicy (just the way I like it), the sausages were good too. Nothing special but still good and worth trying. I forgot the prices though, but it both costs less than P190

DSCN1332                           Quattro formaggi  - with blue cheese L-O-V-E

DSCN1337                                               Abruzzi – all meat pizza

      The quattro formaggi was to die for, maybe because I love blue cheese, the abruzzi was good too, we had left overs which we had as midnight snack that night.


    I’d give the quattro 5/5 spoons. For drinks we had the usual bottomless ice tea. The first time we ate there with our friends (on our first day) our total bill cost us P2,100 (our orders were the same pizza, 2 calamari’s and 4 bottomless ice tea’s) they have service charge plus VAT sales.

   For our lunch, it cost us around P1000+ something. As for the pasta, I’d give mine  3/5 spoons, I liked the pasta I ordered at Piadina better though.

   Here are pictures of the place, the first photos were taken on day 1 night time, the rest are day 2photos for our lunch date.

DSCN1271    I really find the place romantic, specially at night with all the Christmas lights

DSCN1342   The name of the place is One plaza, which isn’t too hard to find along the road







                  Outside a panoramic view of taal lake

            *this photo was taken day 1                          


      Right after our lunch, we took a jeepney ride going to halfway zoo, will post about it tomorrow. By the way, there are branches of Carlos Pizza in the metro, they have one at SM Mall of Asia, I strongly recommend the quattro formaggi, that is if you are into blue cheese ;)


  Till my next post!




  1. and the starbucks right beside this carlos pizza is my fave starbucks. it's so cozy and romantic.

  2. @John: I see, maybe next time.


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