Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Random Monday


  Hello my readers, just wanted to share something that made my day tonight. BF and I had dinner and when I sat down in our table, he handed me a cute wrapped gift. First I was like, “ oh wow!” then, what’s the occasion babe? It’s an advanced Valentine’s gift he says. I actually ripped the wrapper before I could even take a picture.

DSCN1725                          Inside the bubble wrap, photo taken at our office pantry.

DSCN1728   A cute white with hints of pink rabbit. We named him Chi, my bunny chi


Image1436                                                        My bunny Chi ♥

    * Took this photo using my cam phone

  On other random things…

  Right after dinner bought some supplies at the Super 8 grocery


         A must have: Kopiko brown coffee and some powdered juice – the must have is the kopiko brown coffee, it’s the only coffee I drink these days ever since it came out in the market.

DSCN1732                                                     Our new find – hope it’s good



   I read about the chunkee cream pie in munchy crunchy’s blog which I saw only at 711 near work, so I tried it and liked it. Worth a try. Had coffee and the chunkee pie while waiting for my shift to start tonight.

   And last, when I arrived from work, our friend R, handed me their wedding invitation.

DSCN1736                                                Save the date!

    It was flattering they included me in their list of guest, since both S and R (specially), is much close with the BF. Will definitely attend their wedding! Super thanks guys and so happy for you~ 

Just trying out some artsy photograph by using black and white option. Well, that’s how my random Monday went, hope this week will be a normal week for me.

     How’s your random Monday ladies and gents?


   Till then!




  1. something rated PG pops my mind whenever i think of a correlation between valentines and a bunny.

  2. @John: hahaha, oo nga noh. lol!

  3. Hay si cafemobility....

    Chute bunny! I want to make pisat pisat too!

    The Twinkles look interesting. Please blog if you like it.

  4. @Lady E: haha! it is cute

    as for the twinkles, i do not like it, haha! parang hangin ang kinakain ko. haha!


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