Saturday, February 26, 2011

FINALLY! 2 bloggers meet~


  Quick post…

     FINALLY! the 2 bloggers meet (just before her party event tomorrow) Lady E and I


* photo courtesy of Lady E  

I had only 3 hours of sleep, thanks to the inconsiderate person at home~  so since E wanted to go back to the mall, I decided to meet with her. It was crazy, ever since I started blogging, she became my first friend ever in the blogosphere world.  For some reason, even before meeting her I felt at ease and like we we’re old friends already.

    So we met at SM Makati near the Sakura spot, and as soon as I saw her, ran and all hugs and hello’s. And that’s our first time meeting each other. I accompanied her to buy the things she needs, then had dinner at BIZU Greenbelt~



  Just random photos, since we were so busy talking about our lives and stuff. Maybe when I get to eat here again, will blog about BIZU. I’m definitely so happy meeting her. I also got to meet her BF MB.

    Before we reached the exit at SM Makati, E, mentioned about a lost cat. So I said, aww, poor kitty Sad smile then, handed me this:




     I didn’t want to accept it  yet but she insisted, will blog more on this next time. I won’t show it to you guys yet, but will post by Sunday. It’s exciting, promise! Well, for me that is~


     I’m just really really happy that we finally got to meet each other in person~


    Till then!




  1. awww I want ... I super want ... so nice!

  2. awww that's so cute! you two already met! i am so naiinggit hahaha! x)

  3. @sugar sugar: yes we did, finally~ thanks

  4. Aww for the bonding time.:)

    Do I spy the Hello Kitty Brush Set peeking behind the lost kitty note? (let me guess, I have to find out on sunday, right?)

  5. Dami nang comments!

    Please make sure that the ket stays pretty and not to let her go outside. Baka mawala ulit. Mahirap maging tagahatid ha!

  6. @salmoncat: double awww....

    ssshhh lang muna for now, hehe. Yes on Sunday pa~

    @Lady e: oo nga eh.

    the ket is very safe and sound, I kept touching it last night. You're one full of surprises~ buti kamo di ka nakalmot ni ket.


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