Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Hyphen for your daily make-up fix


    There are a lot of make-up online stores nowadays, I was actually happy to see a friend of mine open up her very own just last month. It’s barely new, but what she offers is definitely a sight to see. She sells a few make-up that are not readily available here in the Philippines, example? the much reviewed mascara by Michelle phan, the colossal. Here in the Phil, the counter part is the magnum, so when I saw her post the photos, I tried to resist but then I failed. I just have to have one, haha.


Head on over to the hyphenstore, to check out other products.

When I saw the Urban Decay Ammo palette, I knew I just have to have it. It’s actually my very first palette. What makes the hyphen different is that you can pay 3 installments in what you’d like to purchase. Shipping fee only cost me P50, but of course it would depend where your location is.

My palette came in good condition


DSCN1850  DSCN1853

   I’ve yet to see other products she’ll have on hand, in the mean time check out her store at the hyphen. More items will be arriving soon.


   Till then!




  1. Congrats on your first palette! Good choice. :D I wanted the Naked palette but my tito got the Sephora Color Play instead since the former was still OOS, sigh. The Color Play in your friend's website is fairly priced, though!

  2. @kari: thanks, I wanted the naked too, but too pricey.

    the color play has nice colors too. how's yours? I was supposed to buy the dollface palette but was told it was chalky. The colors of sephora looks interesting

  3. I haven't touched it actually hehe. I like staring at it. :)) One of these days I'll post swatches siguro from one palette :)

  4. @Kari: Ahaha, I know the feeling. It's hard to touch something really pretty. No worries though, looking forward to it.


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